STAY AWAY from April's Bridal!!

April's Bridal in Union, OH (on the outside of Englewood near Dayton) took my deposit of 50% down. I ordered my dress in July 2013 and finally 7 months of no dress, I wanted answers. After giving me many different excuses about my missing dress, she has refused to give me my dress and refuses to give me a refund. She at first was claiming to be financially in trouble and is now claiming I owed her the full balance to my dress before she would order it (any smart bride knows a legit business will never ask for the full balance before you have your dress in hand). I am now 6 months from my wedding, with no dress even on order. She sold a friend of mine a dress and tried to pass the sample off as a brand new dress from the manufacturer. Gave her a refund, but the refund check bounced. She is 5 months from her wedding with no dress. I don't want ANY other bride to have the HORRIFIC experiences we have had. This is supposed to be the happiest time of our lives and thanks to April Fetters (owner of this awful store) it has been a nightmare!

Re: STAY AWAY from April's Bridal!!

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