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How did you decide on your invites?

I am in a bit of a predicament here.  I need to order my invites ASAP but FI and I cannot make a definitive decision.  We are torn between two different invites.  He slightly favors one over the other, but keeps saying to just choose what will make me happy (it does not help that he hasn't seen the samples in person since he is away with the military for another month and I cannot wait that long to order them).  I asked my mom for her opinion as well and she also likes them both and did not lean one way or the other (so much for mother knows best...she wants me to make my own decision). Decisions do not come easy for me, and usually when I know, I just know what is right, but it just has not happened in this case.  I've been sleeping on this decision for about 2 weeks now and have decided to ask this community your opinion.  Invite one I describe to myself as one that matches my colors and the look of what I was going for (and was actually the first invite I saw).  Invite two is traditional, but slightly out of the box (black/chalkboard style) but very simple with a traditional border and reminds me more of my venue than my colors/style I was envisioning and I may even like slightly more (this is the one FI slightly favors).  Pricing is the same for both so that is not a factor in deciding.

My question I guess is do I go matchy to my BM's dress colors & what I chose for linens, etc or do I just go with something a little different and not worry about it?  I am hesitant about Invite two because I can hear the eyes rolling in my family ("She really chose a black colored invite, ugh!")...but at the same time, , we are not the most "traditional" of people.

I also did not want to disclose too much about the details of the design or post links of pictures of the invites because I wanted your honest opinions about going with colors/style vs going with something a little different that FI and I both like.

Should I just flip a coin?  Did anyone else have a hard time or is it just me?  HELP!

Re: How did you decide on your invites?

  • I would maybe go with the more unique and less matchy matchy one. But honestly you're probably just over thinking it - I doubt anyone will care too much about the style of the invitations.
  • People probably won't care, so you really can just pick one and run with it. It doesn't need to be a 3 week decision.

    That said, I'd pick the one that matches the style of your wedding. Guests use the invite to decide what is appropriate to wear and what to expect in general, so pick the one that conveys that style the best
  • Can you post pictures for us to decide? Your descriptions don't really paint the picture for me...

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    I like chalkboards, so I'm biased towards the second one. It is a bit trendy right now, but the beautiful thing about invites is, nobody remembers them 20 years from now.

    I also agree with @00kim00 people use invites to figure out how fancy the event is, if you're more laid back/non traditional, the chalkboard will convey that best.

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    My FI was the deciding factor as he surprisingly cared a lot about the invitations. I liked tons of options; he hated most of them. We went with the one he liked since I also liked it. And somehow my estimate of what we would spend on invites went up 5x but that's another story...

    ETA: the ones we ended up going with did perfectly match our theme/ vibe. Example: our main color is purple with accents of blue. BM's are wearing shades of purple. The invitations have stripes in shades of purple. We used formal language since the wedding is formal. So I agree with PP's to use the one that matches your wedding's vibe.
  • I did diy invites, so I went with simple  & affordable. I got lucky that I found ones with a nice brown border design which was my wedding color. Had I not found brown, I would have gone all ivory or black design. The little things like that hubby didn't care about, it was my decision. He put in his input on bigger things like the flowers, tuxes, food, dj & transportation
  • Thank you for your input!  After reading your comments, and getting a lecture from mother about procrastinating (lol), I will be going with Invite one.  The chalkboard invite two, is very trendy right now, and I don't want to regret it down the road.  I know no one else really cares or will remember, since it just ends up in the recycling, but it is details like this that are important to me.  It was the first one I saw to begin with, and should have just went with it without second thought.  I wouldn't have been in this predicament if I didn't order Invite two's sample at the last minute.  As a lesson learned to any future brides reading this....just go with your first vision and don't constantly second guess yourself!

    P.S. If curiosity is killing you, both invites are from WPD....invite one is "luscious lacing" in grey and invite two is "elegant vows".
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