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Hi, I am currently looking for bouquets and I have a few questions about buying them. I was wondering how advance do I need to order the bouquets. Also, does anyone from NYC have any recommendations of a good floral shop with "decent" price bouquets (preferably in Queens, Northern Brooklyn or Manhattan)? This may sound like a silly question but do I need to purchase 2 bouquets for me (1 bride bouquet and 1 toss bouquet)? Is it ok to buy silk bouquets for my BMs and MOH? I found a website that sells silk bouquets and they are affordable.

In other words...I am clueless lol I will greatly appreciate any advice :) Thank you!

Re: Bouquet advice

  • Are you not hiring a florist for your reception and ceremony decor? Generally whoever you hire for those would also handle your bouquets and boutonniere's 
  • @kmcgann312 The venue we booked will provide flower centerpieces. I will ask the priest abt flower arrangements for the ceremony. As of now, I only need a florist for bouquets and boutonniere.
  • Why not just go to Whole Foods?  They have a floral dept with high quality flowers, but cheaper than a wedding florist.  Also you should get real flowers for your BMs, silk is not much less expensive and could look cheap.  If you don't want to spend a lot you could have them carry single stems with a ribbon.
  • Perhaps the venue could put you in touch with whoever they have putting together the centerpieces? You could definitely have a floral shop or department put together the arrangements for you, but make sure you have someone available to pick them up for you the day of... they won't look their best if you get them the day before and im sure your schedule for the day of is already hectic enough
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