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What to expect during ring resizing process?

Hi, my fiance got my ring from Robbins Bros and got the package where I get free resizing and cleanings and etc. Unfortunately, he forgot that we had discussed how my promise ring was too big and we would need to get a smaller size for the engagement ring and the ring is too big. 

My questions:
1. Does anyone have experience getting their ring resized at Robbins Bros? Is it a ring drop off and pick it up a few days later or a few hours things or can I sit and watch/wait?
2. Do I need to make an appointment? If not, would you recommend making one?
3. Have you gotten yours resized? Can you tell? Just curious. 
4. Do you tip them afterward?

Thank you!

Re: What to expect during ring resizing process?

  • This is an international board.  We have no idea where you are located, or who Robbin's Bros. is.

    All rings are sized the same way.  Mall jewelers do not usually do their own work.  They send the ring out to a workshop where it is done.  The ring is cut, and gold will be added or subtracted to make it the correct size.  Chances are good this will have to be done several times over your life.  Finger sizes change with age, weight, and arthritis.
  • princessleia22princessleia22 Oceanfront Property in Arizona member
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    I don't know who Robbins Bros. is. 

    But, I didn't need to set appointment when I got mine resized. But, if you have a particular place you want to take it to, it wouldn't hurt to call and ask them if they prefer appointment.  

    I just took it to a local jewelry store, we measured my finger to determine correct size, then took my ring.  It took them about a week to do it (I also had them do appraisal, since it was heirloom ring, so I'm not sure if that added time). They did a good job with mine and it's not really noticeable that it was resized. No, I don't think tipping is needed for this. 


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