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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

Band Suggestions?

I'm looking for a band for my July 2014 soiree! Looking for feedback and cost vs value on your band. . . already considering District 21 or Boston Common and would love any feedback.


Re: Band Suggestions?

  • Check out ripcord! We are using them for our Sept 2014 wedding and love them! They are a bit less than the other bands you mentioned as well :)
  • May be worth looking into The Free Downloads. They played at a family member's wedding a few years ago and are playing at ours this summer. They sounded great!
  • We're having a DJ, but just went to another wedding and their band was the BEST wedding band I have EVER heard.  They were AMAZING!!!!!  The band is called KAHOOTZ.  Just an incredible band.
  • Thanks Gals!

  • Update: As I'm listening to samples from KAHOOTZ (and liking it), Groom walks in and says, OMG how do you know about KAHOOZ," "Well, I asked The Knot." "Well, I have a TON of footage of them, I forgot to tell you that we should consider them!" Back story, groom is a filmmaker by trade. KAHOOTZ it is! 
  • What kind of music do you want?  Do you want music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and reception?  All or parts?  How about the rehearsal dinner?

    http://sweetmusic.adamrsweet.com is my wedding band link.  Happy to help you at least think about it!
  • Oh hooray!  KAHOOTZ was absolutely phenomenal!  I'm sure your wedding will be fantastic now!!!!!
  • Anyone have a suggestion on a band that falls in the 3500-4500 range? Would prefer a young Versatile band that can get the people to dance. Wouldn't hurt to have a horn either.
  • We booked 747 Orchestra for our wedding.  They were beyond AMAZING. Their songs sounded exactly like the original recordings.  Our guests NEVER left the dance floor.  I know they travel and well worth the $$$$. :)  747orchestra.com
  • How much does the average band go for? Talking Boston area bands. 
  • Check out Soul Revival, they played our wedding and were fabulous, friends are still talking about them.
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