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Retro Disney Theme

I am here because I want to share my unique theme with everyone and possibly get some pointers. And also, maybe give some people ideas. I am completely open and happy to accept suggestions. So if you think something won't work, or something needs a little tweaking, please let me know. This is also my first run of actually putting all of my ideas out in front of me so, yeah. Here goes nothing. 

We are going to have our ceremony in our reception space, so everyone will be sitting at their reception spots and my dad is getting online ordained to marry us (we are quite non traditional). our colors are black white and red. I will walk down the aisle to So this is love from Cinderella. And throughout the ceremony and reception eating there will be disney music. 
So when people first walk in, there will be name cards clothes pinned on ribbons for each table, I would like to drape them but I don't know if it will work, if not, it'll be laid out on a table. They will take their card and clothes pin and go to the table. somewhat like this, but I will paint each clothespin black with white polkadots and put a little red bow on them. Escort Card Display ~ Photography by birdsofafeatherphotography.comThese are my centerpiece ideas, imageI will make them with styrofoam balls and fake flowers. They will all be red, and I will alternate putting the bow around the neck or on top of the head. The stand, will be black but I will put a layer of white lace around the base. I will also do tea lights around these like this...Lace around candles.  Then each table will have a vintage disney poster, like this...image we will print them ourselves and frame them. this will be the "table number" I have to see if my venue will let me but we want to rent a popcorn machine, and as our favors we will get personalized glass jars that have lids, and have a candy buffet, so everyone can fill their jar how they want.  These are my bridesmaid dresses, but they will have a black belt instead.imageI will have 2 dresses, a long one for the ceremony with a birdcage veil and this one for the receptionProduct DetailsMy FI and I will also come out to the reception wearing the husband and bride mickey mouse ear hats. My bridesmaid gifts will be the hair combs they will wear in their hair. I also really wanted to do paper lantern send offs at my reception, but I doubt my venue will allow that. So, I will give each guest a paper that says, my wish for the bride and groom.... and they can write a wish and put it in a big jar, and the next night I will go to a local park with whoever wants to come and set off the paper lanterns. We won't hire a DJ, I will make a playlist and randomize it. My moms friend is a photographer. What do you ladies think?  I would love any advice. Thanks!

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  • Overall I think this sounds fun. A few things though. First and foremost, make sure your dad getting ordained online will work. Some states have laws requiring the person getting ordained to be a religious leader. Next big thing, the hair combs are not gifts if the bridesmaids need to wear them for your wedding. Gifts should be bought like you are birthday or Christmas shopping--nothing wedding related. On a similar note, the glass jars are nice, but don't personalize them. I don't know about your guests, but I wouldn't want a jar with your (or any other person's) name on it. The Knot puts way too pressure on people to personalize things that shouldn't be. I love your ideas for table numbers though, super cute. Disney songs are wonderful, but try to stay away from "bippity boppity boo." Good luck! It really does sound like a fun idea.
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    Everything PP said.

  • sounds fantastic!! I would be thrilled to attend a wedding like this!!
  • The rose mickey mouses,  the candle jars, the posters, and namecards are all DIY. I was going to print out the posters on regular sheets of paper and just frame them and place them on the table,standing up. But I did consider doing the easel thing, but I am thinking I can incorpoate lace onto the picture frames, and maybe even glue some pearls on the frame, and even on all the candle jars. I am doing so this is love instrumental. :)

    I have never heard the bridesmaid gift being something other than something they will wear. My MOH has been in many weddings and so have I and we both have always recieved the jewlery that we were to wear in the wedding as a gift. But maybe i'll give them that and something extra, I was thinking of like a vintage clutch, with a little tag I would sew in that says thank you, or some sort or little note. Dunno.

  • Oh we are also now looking into a photobooth/DJ combination, we can now afford since the venue we found is super inexpensive. and our date is either April or May 2015. So I am pretty ahead of time, but I'd rather be early with my planning, and have room to critique and change. Plus it gives us pleanty of time to save.
  • I would love attending that sort of wedding! You seem to be going a great job with the theme without going to kitschy.
    I do agree that favors need not be personalized.
    As a bridesmaid, I liked receiving the jewelry we were to wear as a gift. It was something that I appreciated not having to buy, especially since it was something I wouldn't wear otherwise. It came with a personalized note, so it didn't feel like I was cheated of a personal thank you.
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  •    I love your wedding ideas. We are huge Disney fans too! My engagement ring has Mickey on it and we are probably getting married at Disneyland Resort in CA. If we had done it more local (Disneyland is a 5 hour drive from here) I was going to create centerpieces re-creating scenes from classic Disney animated films using some of the 300 Barbie and Kens I have. 

       I've only been a bridesmaid twice. Both time the gift I received was jewelry to wear on the day of. I was good with it, I'm a huge fan of costume jewelry and the sparklier the better and these were definitely sparkly. That said, I know now to get something else. My attendants are my niece and my sister and I'm just going to renew their Disney passes as a thank you. The live in So. Cal and go to Disneyland at least once a  month. 
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