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Wedding shower vs bachelorrette party

What is the difference? From my experience around here they are sort of blended together. Is the shower for the bride and groom??

Re: Wedding shower vs bachelorrette party

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    A shower is a gift-giving party.  A bachelorette is simply a party for the bride that usually isn't a gift-giving party.
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    A wedding shower is when guests (traditionally women close to the bride and/ or her mother) shower the bride with gifts to start the couples' life together. A bachlorette party is a bonding party/ event for the bride and her closest friends (traditionally female friends) and it may involve drinking, dancing or other party type activities. I have seen them both held on the same day, but with different guest lists. Some guests may attend both. I frown upon bachelorette parties that request gifts - I think this is gift grabby.
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  • Thank you! I have no idea why it sounds like here they blend them, the one i have been to it was a mix of both. Thanks for the clariffication

  • kat082279 said:
    She didn't ask the question to be judged. I'm glad she asked because I wasn't 100% sure either. Thank you to the other ladies for clarifying Jani's question!
  • kat082279 said:
    in my country, if you did not read posterior posts, they tend to do both things together and I had never known/understood the difference. 

  • I have been to showers where they mixed the two as well.  "Shower" luncheon, and then those going out for the "bachelorette party" stuck around and we got ready to go out later, so it is not that odd to mix the two.

    But yes, traditionally, wedding shower is one day and is a gift giving event-- it can be for the bride or some choose to do a co-ed party and make it for the bride & groom.  It is usually more a brunch or luncheon style and includes the bride opening her gifts; sometimes there are games and usually there is cake or some type of desert.

    Bachelorette party is usually another day--can be a day  thing, night thing, or a weekend extravaganza. It is a fun event celebrating the bride. You do not have to bring a gift but sometimes people do (one friend who could not attend my shower, brought me a cute shirt that said "just married" to wear after the wedding; I wore it the day after the wedding; and my bridesmaids who hosted got me a bunch of fun silly gifts--underwear, candles, lubes, etc.)  We did mani/pedis in the afternoon and then went to the hotel for silly games and had drinks before dinner, then we met up with my husbands bachelor party for a co-ed dinner and all went out to a fun bar after that. 

  • @erinlin25 That is pretty much what we want to do have a bachelor/bachelorette party together and maybe a simple thing before or after with just the girls/guys

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