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Going to Salon vs. Stylists coming to you

Hello Everyone, 
I was wondering what is better going to the salon on the day of the wedding or having a the stylists come to you?
Can anyone help?

Re: Going to Salon vs. Stylists coming to you

  • climbingsingleclimbingsingle NYC 'burbs member
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    For my first wedding, I went to the salon. It was kind of a clusterfuck. I was stressed about getting there on time. I took the longest and then had to drive myself to my mom and dad's to finish getting ready. I was so worried about messing up my hair. I hit traffic and by the time I got there, the photographer was already there. I had to rush to get into my dress and accessories. 

    This time around I'm having my hairdresser come to the bridal suite. It seems a million times easier. 

  • I went to my regular salon the morning of my wedding and had my hair done there.  We then picked up lunch and headed  to the hotel the parents were staying at.  The MUA came to my mom's room and did everyone's make-up there.  If I wasn't getting married near where I live, I probably would have had a hair stylist come to the hotel instead of going to a salon. 
  • lafrogurl02lafrogurl02 member
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    Thanks... I am loving the feedback.... My wedding is about 4 hours away from where I live which is considered a destination wedding. Even though I have noticed that It is less expensive at the salons than the make/hairstylist shows up at the bridal suite.
  • I think it depends on how many people you have that want to get their hair done. If it's a small number having the stylist to you may be easier & more relaxing. But if you have a larger number of women (don't forget the moms) who want to get their hair done, you may be better of going to the salon where each women can have a stylist assigned to them & you can probably be done in about an hour with everyone. I would talk to the salon and ask them, based on having x number of women who will need their girls done what time will they have to start on everyone's hair to make sure everyone is done on time, how many girls would they have to send & the cost. Then compare that to what it would cost & the time amount needed if you were all to go to the salon.

    Had it just been me, I would have had a stylist probably come to me, but I had my mom, an aunt, 2 girls from my bridal party, a sister and my adult niece. It was easier for that size group to just go to the salon.

  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago member
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    I LOVED the fact that the hair and make up people came to the hotel. I had about 9 ladies getting hair adn make up done. I cant imagine how stressful it would have been to figure out cars and getting everyone in one place, on time. Since we were at the hotel, we didnt have to stick to a specific order or time line. Whoever was ready got their make up done. We didnt have strict time slots so it made everything more relaxing. Plus I got to stay in my jammies.

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  • We're having hair/MUA meet us at hotel. It was a little more expensive (I think $10/girl for their hair) but I think the benefits/ease justify 10 more bucks.   Just seems way more relaxed this way, and less running around for you on day of wedding.  This way everyone can just hang out that morning and enjoy it all.  
  •  Our hair stylists came to the hotel, & I'm *definitely* happy we went that route! It was nice to be able to shower, and get ready, & not have to go anywhere or worry about being late for anything! I believe it was an extra $20/person to have her come to the hotel, & completely worth the extra! I'd highly recommend it! 

  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    My salon is coming to us for an extra $25 per person. I feel that it's totally worth it and if the bridesmaids didn't want to pay the extra fee, I would pay it for them.



  • Hello Everyone, 
    I was wondering what is better going to the salon on the day of the wedding or having a the stylists come to you?
    Can anyone help?

    You should do whatever you feel comfortable with.  I am having stylists come to me at my hotel because it is more relaxing than driving to and from the salon.  But they usually charge fees to come to you.  Going to the salon will be cheaper is they charge high travel fees but then you would have to go to them and possibly wait for them to be done with other customers.  I just think it's easier to pay for them to come to you, if you can afford it.
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  • I'm having them come to the place we are getting ready at, just because then everyone is in one place and they don't have to try to fit all of us into their businesses, which can't really hold that many people.
    There is a travel fee, but to me it's worth it so that people don't have to stress about trying to drive themselves all over the place afterwards.
  • Coming to hotel/church. I asked my stylist which she preferred and why. Trying to get six ladies done plus other stylists normal clients is a cluster of a mess - so they prefer on site. Add in 4 of 6 are out of town or non drivers, the $20 extra is worth every penny to me.
  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    We're trying to maximize the pre-wedding time we get at our venue so we can do our first look and photos, so I'm getting hair and make-up done before I get to the venue. I'm having my hair done at my usual salon, and then the make-up artist is coming to my apartment. From there, I'm leaving for the venue.
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  • princessleia22princessleia22 Oceanfront Property in Arizona member
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    I'm doing destination wedding and having them come to my hotel. It just seemed easier. Especially since I won't have car to get back & forth to salon. Plus, it leaves more time to deal with other things that day, rather than spending it in a car. They charge $50 to meet at our location, but that's not bad considering there are 5 of us getting done.


  • My venue only books one wedding per day, so I am having hair an makeup come to me. The more running around you do, the more likely you might get stuck in traffic and get stressed.

    Plus, if you have it done at the venue you will be there while they are setting up in case they have any questions or you have concerns.
  • We are going to the salon. It's about 10 minutes away from the venue. It was cheaper and it should be faster -- there are six of us and six salon chairs, so we should be in and out in under an hour. 

    I think it will be a nice ambiance. It's a very girly salon and we get free champagne and strawberries while we're there.

    Photographer isn't coming, it would just make things too tricky.
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