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Bridesmaids gifts.

My MOH is doing most of the work, I'd like to get her something really special but don't want to offend they other two girls. if I got her a necklace and them smaller but similar is that OK.  Bath products seem too impersonal.

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    You shouldn't buy people gifts according to who has or has not done anything since none of them have to do anything. Giving your MOH something bigger or nicer then you are giving your other girls can come across poorly.

    You should shop for your wedding party like it is their birthday or Christmas. You are buying them gifts to thank them for being in your wedding.

    I would just write your MOH a heartfelt thank you note and let her know that you appreciate her help. But I wouldn't do anything special in front of everyone else because that is like shoving it in their face that you appreciate your MOH more then you appreciate them.



  • Get them something they will enjoy as individuals. Doesn't have to be the same thing, just shop for them like you would for a birthday or Christmas gift. If one of your friends loves taking baths or has a particular brand/scent they can't get enough of, that's actually a really nice gift. Maybe throw in a bottle of wine and they can make a whole night of it. As for getting something a little more valuable for  MOH that is fine, perhaps just don't give them gifts at the same time if you are worried about people being offended. Don't worry at all about the gifts being similar. And if you give her a necklace as her gift, it cannot be part of her required attire for the wedding.
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    My MOH/sister is throwing my shower and bach party so I am going to give her hostess gifts for those. She is also helping me out with a lot of stuff so I wanted to give her something extra too. She is taking the day before the wedding off work to help me finish up some last minute stuff so I am going to give her a card and an extra gift then. Then when all the girls are together I will give them all their gifts that are more on par with each other. She did the same thing for me when I was her MOH and did a whole bunch of stuff that none of her other BM's did. 

    I don't think there's anything wrong with giving her something extra as long as you do it when the other girls aren't around and she knows it was something extra you only did for her to thank her for all the things she did for you.
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