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My mother and I have become obsessed with zumba recently (she lifts weights and is becoming a personal trainer and even she loves it). I recently found out about aqua zumba, and heard that it can burn *up to* 900 calories per hour because of the resistance. Has anyone tried it? What were your thoughts on it?

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Re: Aqua Zumba

  • I tried it once with my Mom, and other than being the youngest one there (I am 26 yrs old), I loved it!  You don't feel like you are being worked really hard, but afterwards you can feel it and know you worked out.  You don't get all sweaty, gross, and winded like you would at a gym.
    I would defintely do it again, should I find somewhere with reasonable prices!
  • I have tried aqua zumba and I really like it, but I don't feel like I get as good of a workout as when I do regular zumba.  It's always good to switch things up and work different parts of your body.  

    900 calories in an hour sounds really high to me.  I wear a calorie counter and I usually land at about 600 calories per hour on a very intense zumba day.  
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  • I did an 8 week aqua zumba class, and while i loved it, i didnt see much in weightloss. It's great for toning your arms and legs though!!!

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    I would think regular Zumba would burn more than aqua, but maybe with the resistance things change. I LOVE the way I feel after a good Zumba workout! Its so high energy, and if you like to dance, the time goes by quite quick. Sometimes I would even do a 2 hour Zumba session at my gym if I had the energy/time


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