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Eco-friendlier Disposable plates, forks, etc.

We might be going with a more casual caterer and in a casual or potentially formal (though seaside) venue. 

If we go with the non-wedding caterer, we will likely hire a bar company that will bring the glasses, and handle all of that in their costs.

But if we go with our casual caterer...they don't do weddings often, so there won't be the reusable china on hand to use.  We'd have to rent (another contract, another vendor, more people to pay to do the job), bring them ourselves (we're DIYing enough of the clean up as it is), or use disposables.

Does anybody have any suggestios for affordable disposable cutlery, plate, napkins...that aren't necessarily fancy but are on the classy side of disposables?

Made in the USA, sustainable, compostable are all eco-strategies that would help; I don't even know if the compostables will help because I don't think the town we are marrying in has a compost program. 


Re: Eco-friendlier Disposable plates, forks, etc.

  • I just discovered and am liking the bamboo biodegradable plates as well as the bamboo cutlery. 

    Thanks for the other sites, too!
  • looks great, especially since our wedding is smaller and we don't need a pack of 500 of anything.

    my bottom lines is, If anything is more expensive than 50cents/ea, then it's cheaper to just rent it from the party people (which is also eco, bc it's reusing!!!)
  • Bamboo looks and feels like plastic especially the cuttlery.No worries about splinters
  • We are going to local thrift shops and buying an array of used plates and utensils.  They don't all match of course, but so far what we've found have all been really neat and unique looking, so we don't really mind. Each table will have its own pattern going on.  Plus there are thrift stores near us that do half off days, so we will be getting pieces for pennies. It's been SUPER cheap so far.  Afterwards we are going to pick our favorites to keep as our own "new" dishes.  The rest will then be used at a friend's event, and then re-donated. 
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    I am using Palm leaf plates from Leaf & Fiber. These plates are made from dried and fallen palm leaves so they compost in 30 days.(just like the leaves in our backyard) - no special compost program required. They have pretty good deals for bulk purchasing.  They look so classy and elegant too! 
    Hoping for a Zero waste wedding..  check them out

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    Yes! is a excellent site to get earth friendly, classy dinner ware. We got ours two weeks before our wedding. Beautifully crafted ware and strong to boot.
  • These are really great suggestions! Looking to use some of these companies for future parties :)
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