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SMH....FI's Best Friend's Engagement Party

So, the wedding party is planning an engagement party for FI's best friend and his fiance....FI is the best man so he has been included to represent the groom's side, but MOH (bride's sister) has mostly taken charge of everything. They finally created a FB event for the party, it will be a dinner at a local restaurant and bride and groom both know about and have been FB invited to the event. However, as far as the guest list goes, no one has decided how many they will keep it to or exactly who gets invited. All that has been said in regards to this by MOH is "well, the restaurant holds 120 people". It is unclear whether they have reserved the whole restaurant or not. To top it all off, the bridal party members have been given the task of deciding who gets invited!! Please invite (via FB) "family and close friends" was the instruction they were given. I keep trying to tell FI that anyone who will not be invited to the wedding should not be at the engagement party, but also that the bride and groom should be able to make the guest list - especially since it isn't a surprise and it would be quite awkward if the BP were to invite people that bride and groom were not planning to invite to the wedding itself. I also get the feeling this is not a hosted seems to me everyone will be covering their own tab at the restaurant. I keep getting glimpses from the sidelines and just have to shake my head.......

Re: SMH....FI's Best Friend's Engagement Party

  • That's kinda crazy. What if not everyone has FB.  Like the parents or grandparents of the bride and groom.  
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  • Yea, I don't really know.....and FI keeps trying to suggest people that he and groom have been friends with for years, but I'm pretty sure won't be invited to the wedding since they are lmiting the guest list due to budget constraints. There are over a dozen people named as 'hosts' of the event (including people outside of the BP) and being asked to invite people. Every time it pops up that someone will be 'attending' the event the bride 'likes' the updates. Ick.
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