Looking for an inexpensive indoor or outdoor venue where can bring any caterer. Also I wanted to know about alcohol... Like does anyone include bat services??thanks!


  • What area are you considering?  There are several halls for rent in my area that are run by different lodges.   Many firehalls will rent out their large rooms and have kitchens where any caterer can work.   There is a huge hall in Oaks Fire Co.  that will allow outside catering in their kitchen.  There's another one in Lower Providence.  If you're not interested in this area, I'd check out other fire halls.I was at an event in Conshohocken at a firehall that rents out too.  They had a bar there.but I don't think the others I mentioned do. I would search firehalls and then see who has rooms and what they go for. 
  • The Highlands in Fort Washington, The Maas Building in Philadelphia, Abington Art Center has a couple spaces I believe there or in the area where you can bring outside caterers and provide your own alcohol.

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