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Blow Out instead of Updo for bridesmaids?

Hello! I've been struggling with whether or not to pay for my bridesmaid's hair. The expense, of course, is what's holding me back. I think I may have found a good solution. There's a blow-out bar near my venue so I'm thinking about purchasing a formal updo for myself and blow outs for my girls. The blow outs only cost $35 in comparison to $65 for the updo (which is a standard price in San Diego).

I've never had a blowout. From the description and pictures, it seems like a good happy medium to me -- they'll get their hair washed, professionally dried, and lightly styled. The place offers seven styling options for blow outs like flat iron, waves, curls, ponytail, bun, etc.

Has anyone done this before? Those more experienced with hair -- will a blow out style last through the wedding day? Am I cheaping out here, will it be a radically different experience for my bridesmaids? Any advice is appreciated.

Re: Blow Out instead of Updo for bridesmaids?

  • I love blowout bars. We have them in Dallas and I frequent them, however it might not work for a wedding. The answer really depends on your BMs' hair. My hair holds curl well. I can wake up the next day after a blowout and it is still fairly curled. But depending on their hair, it might not be ideal. I have a friend who has extremely curly hair and she had a blowout done, it lasted 30 minutes after she left the salon. 

    Also, each stylist is different. You don't know what you're going to get, it's like a lotto. I've had stylists that have 5 years experience and ones that had 3 weeks. Guess which blowout lasted longer?

    I've used the blowout bar as an option when I was a wedding guest, but as far as a BM, I wouldn't recommend it.

  • My Mom had this done for my sister's wedding, and it looked great!  If you want, you could simply said to your BMs, "If you would like to, I will pay for you to get a blow out at SuchandSuch Blow Out Bar."  If they want a formal updo, then it's on them; and if they just want to do their own, that's fine too.

    Just make sure that this is separate from their BM gift.
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  • A professional blowout will still hold better then diy because they generally use better products in salons. Is offering to pay for a blow out & then if they want an updo they would need to pay the difference? Reason I'm asking is because depending on what time of year your wedding is or even the BM personal comfort level, they might be more comfortable with an updo.

    You don't have to pay for anything either. You can let your girls know  "this is where I'm getting my hair done, the cost of an updo is $xx.xx and the cost of a blow out is $xx.xx & this is what is covered by the blow out. If you are interested in going to the same salon as me, let me know and I'll make sure they have a stylist available for you."

  • Thanks for your feedback! I think I am going to let them know where I am getting my hair done and offer to pay for a blow out if they want it. We're going to the venue afterward to do our own makeup, so they can go straight there if they'd rather do their own hair.
  • I am paying for my bridesmaids hair so I am also having them get blowouts done.  There is nothing wrong with that.  They will also be doing their own makeup.  Only my sister and I will be getting our hair done.  My sister will have a half up/half down style so that she stands out a little as my MOH.
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