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Paying for Maid of Honour's stuff?

Hey, I'm just having one gal stand with me. I was wondering what the etiquette is as far as what you're paying for. She IS traveling all the way to Vegas for me and all. I mean in terms of dress, shoes and hair/makeup type stuff? Any thoughts? Should I be springing for it all...half...none?? I know it's going to be a conversation, but I'm just wondering what etiquette is before I approach it with her. We are both set up in our lives at 42...

Re: Paying for Maid of Honour's stuff?

  • I think it really depends on your budget.  If you have the extra money to pay for all those things for her, I 'm sure she would appreciate it.  If not, I would have an honest conversation with her about what she can reasonably afford.  

    I think in terms of a dress and shoes she probably knows she'll need to get something.  Hair and makeup I might pay for if you want to get it professionally done.  

    Good thing is with just one person standing with you, the dress shopping should hopefully be easy!  
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  • I had two wonderful lovely ladies stand up with me. I didn't pay for their shoes, dress or accessories but I told them to wear whatever they already had. Luckily they both had LBD and they looked great!

    The morning of the wedding, I took them to the saloon and paid for pedicures, hair and makeup. I think as long as you are honest and upfront when you ask her, it shouldn't be a problem.
  • the etiquette that i know is they buy dress and shoes and their accessories, the bride does the thank you gift and hair
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  • Well I just bought their accessories but will be getting us all breakfast delivered to our room while we get our hair and make up done. But I was honest about it from the beginning and none of them have ever seemed to have an issue. I have 4 girls.
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    My wife and I paid for our wedding party's rooms, tuxes and dresses, had the clothing steamed/pressed and paid for H&M for the girls, the guys just hung out and drank beer with me while they went through all that lol.  They paid for their own travel to Vegas and meals outside of the official ones.

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  • We paid $30 for each of their dress/tux I bought the girls earrings and shoes. Also got the girls robes flip flops hangers and shot glasses and the guys shot glasses and something else not sure what yet....buuuut I'm a gifter lol I can't help it. I would say to pay for her hair and makeup for sure if you require her to get it done. I think it's nice to spring for whatever you can, that's just me
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  • Oh yea I also got them personalized shot glasses along with the groomsmens personalized cuff links and personalized socks :) we are also leaving a welcome bottle of wine for the wedding party and guests at hotel check in with a Vegas key chain hanging from it.
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  • I'm also just having my bbf as my maid of honor (no bridesmaid). I spent $150 on her bcbg dress, $150 for her hair and make up, $180 for a minkoff purse as a gift in one of my colors (mint green), and $36 on a personalized silver name ring also as a gift. It actually came out to be more than I had budgeted for orignally. But she's coming in from Asia and we've known each other since forever, plus she's my only bridal party. So I don't mind :)
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  • Seems to be all over the place lol. I do plan on paying for her hair and makeup if she wants it done. She doesn't have to have it done. I was thinking I would spring for the dress and yes, breakfast in the room etc. thanks for all your input! I know we can talk about everything and anything so I'm not worried about that. Just wondering what people do in these sorts of situations lol.
  • I am doing some sort of breakfast platter in the room the day of, honestly we can't afford to pay for there dress and the all the extra's
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  • I paid for my bridesmaids' hair and makeup, and paid for 1/2 of each of their dresses (after they put the deposit down, I went to the salon and paid the rest so when they went to pick it up there was a balance of $0 owing). I also told them to choose their own shoes and accessories. 

    Personally I feel that if the bride wants her BM's hair and makeup professionally done, it's only fair to pay for it herself ... anything other than that is your choice, more or less. As long as you encourage them to be honest with what they can afford as far as a dress, shoes, accessories, etc., I think they know they have to pay for that stuff themselves.
  • I'd pay for anything she needs for your wedding all clothes, shoes, hair and makeup, jewellery etc.
  • I've never been in a wedding where the Bride paid for anything...except one and that was hair, the bridal party where i'm from is responsible for their own stuff.
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  • I dont think you HAVE to pay for everything. Ofcourse it would be nice if you could pay for something. We are not having a bridal party for a whole host of reasons but if we were, I think we would budget for some of their expenses.

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  • Must be a UK tradition then we would pay for everything, I'm sure some don't but that's not the norm.
  • Great question, I'm glad you asked! My bff is my only attendant, and we're going semi-casual for the wedding, so I told her to just use the wedding as an excuse to get herself a dress she really likes (and is re-wearable), my only request was that the style not be too bright or busy with the pattern. She was actually just telling me the other day that she thought she was supposed to help by buying some of MY stuff! I thought MoHs were just supposed to help with party favors, the bridal/bachelorette parties, and wrangling the bridesmaids and such (none of which we're doing anyway)... I told her that I just wanted her to be there with me and be able to stay for as long as possible, but she's still trying to buy my Spanx and stuff! lol
  • Lol my sister is the same way who is also my MOH she's getting my headpiece and my garter. She's also contributed about 600 toward the wedding. But I'm the baby of the family and she's always taken care of me since our parents passed away. I don't think MOH are expected to buy anything at all though. Just be there :)
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  • here they  do the bachelorette party, the bridal shower, basically make sure that the bride is taken care of and buy there own stuff, i just read a latest link about what the bride is and isn't supposed to pay for 
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  • I guess that's the point there isn't a right or wrong answer only traditions, it doesn't feel right to me to put someone out of pocket because I ask them to be part if my wedding day particularly in the majority of occasions where they won't ever wear the dress again or even have chosen it.
  • i made it easy for mine:) they could choose whatever dress they wanted, i got a awesome response from that! 
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  • My thought is a mixture of everything! I guess there really is no right or wrong. I would however, pay for her hair and makeup for sure. Lol that's cute that your MOH thought she had to help you out with buying stuff.
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