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Hey girls!

So, i am really struggling with deciding on the type of veil i should be looking for. I am currently thinking about a fingertip length with laced edging but i am not sure if that will overcrowd the dress. The dress has a lace overlay and jewels on the front bodice and on the back. (See pics below) I am also unsure about accessories. I'd really love a flower in my hair but i think it will be too much so i might leave it to the reception then just have a silver accessory in my hair or something. The wedding will be in March. I live in Australia and will be moving to the US next month! I know it gets reallllly cold there compared to down here so i was also thinking about elbow length gloves. Any suggestions and opinions would be awesome. I'm going for an elegant, vintage, lush/traditional look. :) Thank you :)

Re: Veil Suggestions

  • I think youre right about the lace being too much, what about a veil edged in seed beads or rhinestones that mimic the bling along the neckline of the dress? Something that will catch the light and sparkle, but not detract from the beauty and intricacy of the dress (which is absolutely gorgeous by the way!)

  • Have you thought about a  white faux fur shawl/stole to wear post ceremony and during outdoor pictures to keep you warm?
    I love the idea of switching headpieces from ceremony to reception. I have a bird cage veil for my ceremony and a mother of pearl headband for reception because I couldn't choose!
    I think that lace on the veil would take away from the intricate detail on your dress. You may just want to go with a plain veil attached to an piece that matches your dress.
    Hope this helps
  • Hey girls! Thank you for your help and advice :) I will probably go with a very sheer veil that has either no edging or maybe some rhinestones on the edge (not too much though).

    I have actually thought about wearing a faux fur shawl. I'm going to look at more of them when i go to the US as there will probably be more there than here in Australia as it doesn't get as cold here :)
  • Why do you need a shawl or gloves? When is your wedding?  

    Your dress is beautiful and fits you perfectly!
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