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rose ceremony

So I really want to have a rose ceremony traditionally groom gives a rose to MOB and bride give a rose to MOG. My question is any ideas to give FOG because MOG is not in the picture. I want something my ffil will keep and it's definitely not a flower. This ceremony is been in my vision of my dream wedding sense I was a little girl because my parents included the rose ceremony in their wedding. Thanks in advance.

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  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    I would just give him a rose. It's the symbolism that is important, not the actual rose.

  • I saw these beautiful glass roses at a store once, and they were less than $10 each. If you could find something like that, you could give a rose that they could keep.
  • You could do a glass rose or even a gold dipped rose if you are wanting them to keep it.
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    Since MOG is not in the picture, you can just give FOG the rose, if you and your FI want to.
  • We did this and also included my grandma.
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  • They also have more masculine roses made of metal you might look into.

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  • I think it'd be nice to give the FOG a rose to put in his lapel! If he has a lapel. Also, hire Chris Harrison to come out and say "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the final rose tonight." ;)
  • You could do a metal rose or possibly consider giving him something different like a flask or hat or something that goes with his interests.
  • Thanks ladies! I love the metal rose idea. I have another question. Fi lived with his aunt and uncle and dad for the first 9 years before he and his dad moved out on their own. I was thinking of including his aunt in the rose ceremony. Would it be inappropriate for me to get his aunt something that says "thank you for raising the man of my dreams"
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