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Body cleanse?

Does anyone have a good body cleanse that they can recommend?

Re: Body cleanse?

  • I've done the SuperCleanse, I think I bought it at GNC. It basically only requires that you eat a normal varied diet, a bit of exercise and these herbal pills (which are the "cleanse") part, if I remember correctly it was 2 pills 3x a day for 3 weeks. The first week, nothing really happens, but the second and third weeks are when it kicks in... and let's just say you should be close to a bathroom at all times during that period. It was painful...for me and probably my roommates at the time too. However, after the month, I did notice that I felt "better", my skin seemed a bit more vibrant, I felt a lot lighter (not meaning that I lost any lbs., I just felt lighter if that makes sense). I have since done a few others but nothing compared to that first experience with the SuperCleanse. 

    I also bought the goop cookbook and as PP mentioned, she does offer some possible cleanes but IMHO, although they sound "interesting", I wouldn't even know where to go about buying some of the out there ingredients required.

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  • As I have mentioned in a PP, I am definitely a sucker for a good body cleanse. But, I just came across this today in the WSJ which makes me start to doubt a bit the logic of the cleanses in general.
    Just wanted to share:

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