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Ok I have a question... I found an amazing photographer (for cheaper than what I had budgeted to pay) and she does an AMAZING job... She started of saying that she would charge 1,000!!! Great deal. Now she is trying to say that we should pay an extra 400 because we are booking so far in advance. This seems crazy and stupid to me. Can anyone help me understand how this makes sense. . . 
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  • It doesn't make sense, usually you get a deal for booking early (our photographer lessened our intial deposit). Did you ask her why she would charge you that. If she can't explain or if it still doesn't make sense I say find someone else! That's def shady!
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  • In my opinion, it doesn't at all. I would suggest you go back to her and say "I'm having trouble with this extra cost of $400, as others offer discounts for booking in advance, not tacking on extra charges because of it."
    When the photographer is doing this, I would be a little weary and make sure the contract is as detailed as possible so the don't throw more of these curve balls at you.
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  • That sounds a little strange to me, too. The photographers we've spoken to have mentioned that if we book early, we can lock in their rates for 2010 so that we'll have their current deals even if their rates go up next year. I would ask the photog for a better explanation and look closely at that contract!
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  • Maybe when she said you should pay $400 extra, she meant that is what you would pay if you booked later? Who knows! I would look into it, and if you have a bad feeling, don't book them! Gut feelings are usually right.
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  • I agee with everyone, I would look into this more.  Booking early should be cheaper by locking in current prices. 
  • I agree, this doesn't make sense at all. I would call and get more clarification. I was told when I booked my photographer that I was locked in with the 2010 price. Weird.....let us know how it goes.

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  • I agree with all PPs, definitely ask what the reasoning behind this is.  It doesn't make any sense, if anything you should pay less for booking so early because that's guaranteed revenue for her.
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  • I agree with the other girls, that just seems odd that it would be more. I would defiantly question it.
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  • I agree with PP it sounds shady. I would ask for clarification.
  • That's definitely strange for all of the reasons PPs have stated.  I would be looking into a new photog immediately.  She sounds flaky.
  • If you decide to go with her I would make sure everything is very clear in the contract.  That sounds very suspicous to me and would make me hesitant to trust the vendor.  Not very good business practices for her.

    If it was just a miscommunication, then that is understandable.  Thank once it is worked out it shouldn't be a big deal.
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  • Did she maybe mean to say that she'd require a $400 deposit to hold your date?  I just thought of that.  We had to put down 20% when we booked our photographer.  If it's just the primary deposit, I wouldn't worry about it.  If it's actually an additional cost then I stand by my previous advice.
  • I agree that it sounds shady, like others have said-usually photographers will offer discounts at various times or for booking early. 
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