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Non-traditional wedding advice?

My fiance and I met while in a show at our local community theatre, both now work at said community theatre, and are both theatre lovers in general. We're also not super religious...which makes planning a ceremony very tough indeed. I'd like to incorporate a few traditional moments (like vows, exchanging of rings, maybe a unity candle or something), but am looking for some fun, cute, theatre-y ways to show our love to each other in a non-traditional way during the ceremony. Any ideas?

Unfortunately I'm the only one of our duo that is comfortable carrying a tune ;) so singing our vows or something similar is out. Plus, we do have a friend we met in the theatre (that is a pastor of a local congregation) that will be performing our ceremony. So we'd like something that won't offend our pastor either. :)


  • I don't know about things to include in the ceremony per se, I was just going to ask if there was a local or historic theatre that you could rent out to use as the ceremony venue? I know around my area (Metro Detroit) that there are a lot of theatres that rent out at a variety of price points for use; we actually looked into one ourselves. 

    Although come to think of it, I might use songs from your favorite shows as your ceremony music, maybe pull a reading or two as a meaningful excerpt from another show? Use decorations that would be recognizable from another show or something? 

    This doesn't really seem to be what you are looking for, but maybe they would help with subtle inklings as to your lives together without offending the pastor or overdoing a theatrical ceremony. 
  •     My fi and I met doing community theater as well! We originally thought of renting out a theater for our wedding. We both sing, but we also had many friends offer to sing at our wedding. Had we gone that route we probably would have picked some musical theater songs we both liked. 

        I'm not much help, really though, as we decided to go with a small immediate family only destination wedding instead. 
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