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Hello All!

I am newly engaged and have always dreamed of having my wedding the weekend before Halloween. I never imagined booking a venue 15 months in advance would be a problem. My dream venue spot is Lakeview Farms Events in Dover, PA. It is booked solid for Saturday's in October and September 2013, which means, the Saturday before Halloween. The owner has offered to do a Sunday wedding for me on October 27th. My fiance and I are not drinkers therefore we are only serving 2 bottles of wine on a table. The farthest guest would be traveling an hour.

Thoughts on this?

Re: Sunday Wedding

  • We are planning on doing a Sunday wedding but on the 13th since its a holiday weekend.
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  • I've gon to SUnday weddings and thought they were just fine.  Usually the wedding is a little earlier than your saturday weddings.  As long as you and FI are happy I say do it
  • I went to a Sunday wedding for my cousin in NC. It was different for me but there typically aren't Sunday weddings where I live. Their religion they go to church on Sat and that is why it was on a Sun. It started at noon and was done by 5.


  • If you want a holloween time wedding then go for it. The important people will be there and those that don't it is thier lose. Im getting married Oct 20 which is a Sunday and couldn't  be happier with my date 
  • I agree with everything above.  We're getting married on a Sunday, and before booking we checked with a handful of close friends and family to see whether they would be severely inconvenienced by or unable to attend a Sunday date (we're also doing holiday weekend) and no one minded at all.  Ultimately, it's your and your fiance's decision and if this is your dream venue, go for it!
  • Thanks everyone! Yes, it is my dream venue that is booked every Saturday and Friday in October and September 2013. I'm hoping to hear back today whether or not I can book. We're running into trouble because the wedding the day before technically has until 2pm the next day to clean up. The owner of the place is asking to see if she could have her things cleaned up and out that Saturday in order for me to get in there Sunday morning and decorate. I'm so nervous. I don't want to go anywhere else!
  • Don't settle for a different venue just because you want it on a saturday. I went with my dream venue and I landed on a sunday too which I was at first weary about but I couldn't be happier with our decision to go for it. Our ceremony is at 11:30, reception will run till about 5:30. We are planning to have a little downtime and then have an after party with whoever wants to join us in the later evening. So excited! Good luck to you
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