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Attire Advice needed - Bridal Belt & Headpiece - links included

I purchased a beautiful bridal belt on Etsy that has alot of Rhinestone and Pearl accents around the entire belt, that is very similar to this: https://www.etsy.com/listing/180000667/sample-sale-wedding-belt-bridal-belt?ref=related-0 I will not be wearing a veil and originally thought I would wear a lace/rhinestone headpiece with my hair down, similar to this: http://www.myolivianelson.com/collections/frontpage/products/marlene-beaded-crystal-comb. However, I am now wondering if this is too much going on with all that on the belt and all that on my head.

Any thoughts or advice?

And if I do decide to go on with my plan of the wearing the belt with a headpiece like above, I feel like I should have a headpiece that has the same materials as the bridal belt. Any thoughts on this or am I overthinking things? Thanks for the advice.

Re: Attire Advice needed - Bridal Belt & Headpiece - links included

  • FWIW I think those are gorgeous! And they DO coordinate :)

    I too added a "blingy belt" and did not wear a veil but had rhinestone "barrettes" pulled back in a similar style. I opted for "simpler" on the headpiece for a couple of reasons (my dress was short/simple and I wanted my longer earrings to be more of the feature rather than the headpiece).

    All that being said, just think about the other elements of your attire...jewelry, dress, etc and decide on what you are most comfortable with. If you are not comfortable, it will show and you will look back at your pictures and possibly focus on that aspect. However, if you LOVE it...go for it...it is definitely not "too much" :)
  • @mmm4763, thank you for you kind words and you are right, I need to consider what I am going to comfortable in. Oh, I like what you did....I have thought about having something a little simpler in my hair then having bigger/long earrings. I will have to look around some more to decide what I like the best. At least I have 7 months to decide!

  • I personally love them both and think you could pull it off.  Maybe just keep whatever other jewerly you plan on wearing (earrings, necklace, bracelets) simple. I wouldn't worry about the materials or style being slightly different, as I think it's prettier and more unique when things aren't so matchy-matchy.
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