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Champagne and cupcakes themed party...champagne based signature drink ideas?

My mother is throwing my engagement party this June and is relying heavily on my opinions when it comes to the menu and beverage list (I guess to make sure it is all things that me and the fiance will like?). She asked me to look up some signature cocktails with a champagne base...hopefully something pink. (The party is going to be in a pink and gold color scheme.) And my first thought was to turn to you all here for suggestions! :) 

Can anyone think of any signature cocktails that are pink and champagne based?

Thanks for any ideas!

Re: Champagne and cupcakes themed party...champagne based signature drink ideas?

  • Champagne Kir
    Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

    But truly, my favorite champagne drinks aren't pink.  I dislike when people have signature drinks to match a color scheme.  People could care less about a color scheme- they just want a yummy drink. Go with yummy first.  
  • @BlueBirdMB - You may be you have any other champagne based suggestions based on "yummy" factor rather than color?

  • I have made champagne with pureed frozen strawberries before, and that would be pink and yummy (IMO).  I'm also a fan of Kir Royale and Bellinis, but I don't think those would be so pink (maybe Kir Royale would be a little darker pink, I clearly haven't had one recently enough!).

  • Champagne with Chambord, pomegranate liquor, strawberry puree, raspberry puree, or blood orange juice.
  • French 75s are my favorite.  I make the lemon juice and simple syrup mixture in batches- you could add the gin to the pre mix as well.  Then you just top that with champagne.  

    And Americana cocktail is fabulous as well.  It's bitters, a sugar cube, bourbon, champagne, and a peach slice.  

    An airmail is honey, lime juice, rum, with champagne.  Very refreshing and different.  The honey, lime juice, and rum could also be made up in batches ahead of time.

    I second a bellini.  It's definetely a crowd pleaser.  Try them all out- that's fun- then decide. 
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    I also agree with the bellini suggestion. Very yummy and a crowd pleaser.

  • I like champagne with a splash of cranberry juice (don't like either very much solo, but they're good together).

  • You can put pieces of pink cotton candy in the champagne glass & pour the champagne over it. The cotton candy will dissolve & you will have a pink, sweet, champagne based drink!
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    Tickled Pink 
    Pink Champagne Martini
    Pomegranate Mimosa 
    Poinsettia Champagne Cocktail
    The Blushing Bride Cocktail
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