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Back with the Reviews!

Hello, I am back from my week in Vegas. Everything was great and worked out well.

The wedding and reception was at the Stratosphere (Both A++++) and we have no complaints with them. Most the guests stayed right there which worked out for everyone. I planned the wedding and reception with Amberly over the last year, she is fantastic! We met with her the Friday before the wedding, she showed us the chapel and the reception room. I gave them the favors that we had made and let them know we wanted them set on the tables at the reception for the guests, everything was as described and the reception room was beautiful, along with the cake! For the wedding we had Eddie as the minister, he is very good as well. He met with us a little before the wedding, even moved us into the bigger chapel, very personable.

Glamsquad702 did our makeup and hair (A++++). Alex, Marvin and James are fantastic!! They were on time, came right to the room and did 5 of us in the time frame they said they would. There was no rushing or panicking everthing was done with no fuss. Marvin showed up first, started hair right away, a little bit later Alex showed up and started the makeup, James showed up last for the finishing touch-ups. I would defiantly recommend them, it saves on running around and worring about time.

For the reception we had the semi-private buffet, we had our own room and area to use. The cake was beautiful and the tables/decorations were just as I wanted. We had our own waiter that took care of everyone the whole time. I had booked the room for an hour, we were done in that time, but we still stayed in there taking pictures and talking, however no one bothered us or tried to kick us out. 

Anthony was our photographer, we only had him during the ceremony but he took his time with us and got some really good pictures. They were printed and ready for viewing the next day. Deciding what pictures to get was probably the hardest thing to do out of the whole wedding!

After that we had the DDB (C) booked, wasn't as happy with them. We booked the bus for 2 hours, in my emails I clearly said I would like to go to the Vegas sign and Fremont Street, being picked up at 9pm, however the bus did not leave the pickup spot until almost 930. We went to the Vegas sign, took pictures and stayed there for a little bit. Once we left there, 2 of the guests had asked if we could stop real quick at that hotel and let them off since they were tired. I asked the driver and he said well that's where we are headed now, it was 1030! I said ok, I thought we were going to Fremont Street, he said no just the sign. When we got back to the hotel at 1040, he came right to me while I was still in my seat and said the sign and Fremont Street is impossible to do in 2 hours since they are on opposite sides of town, I said I realize that but that should have been communicated with me, he said it was. I said no, I have all of my emails printed right here if you'd like to see them, he dropped it with that. Which for some reason I had printed all the emails and did have them with me since I had issues with some of the billing and charges from the very beginning of booking the bus.

Overall everything was great, I am happy that we went there, we had 21 people and everyone enjoyed the night and their stay.  



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  • great reviews! glad everything went great for you, sorry about the DDB! your dress is gorgeous!!! 
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  • Excellent reviews, thank you! Wtf was going on with the DDB? Why did it take so long for you guys to leave the pick up area? That sounds like horrible customer service on their part too! How disappointing!

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  • i'm so sorry the DDB people dropped the ball with you.  but omg you and your new husband are gorgeous! great pictures - congratulations... so glad the rest of your vendors had your back!  thanks for the reviews! yay!!
  • Thank you so much for this, I'm a stratosphere bride too (in September) and I'm doing practically the same as you, with the semiprivate buffet and bus tour, so this is all really helpful :D you don't hear many reviews from the Stratosphere so it's always good to have your mind put at rest x
  • I'm glad you had a great time and that the Strat was so fantastic. The photos look fab, you both look so happy and in love!
  • Congrats.  Any pics from Stratosphere?  This is the first review I've seen from someone using the venue so we know very little about them.

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  • Thank you!
    Vegasgroom the 2 pictures I've attached are from the observation deck with the city behind us. One of the reasons I picked here was for the pictures and background. I have other pictures on my camera if you'd like some.
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