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  • FI proposed last October while we we're apple picking. We went with my BFF and her husband, and they all planned it out so we could have a picture of the moment. I obviously was not expecting it at all or I wouldn't have looked like such a mess with my sunglasses on and DD's coat shoved in my back pocket, and my hair all not straightened perfectly. But I still love the pic, especially how DD was right there being a part of it! I looove my ring! It's exactly what I wanted, turns out FI's a very good listener when he wants to be.
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    We took a trip to Michigan City, Indiana for FI's birthday. We took his 10 year old brother and our 1 year old DS. It was our first "family" trip and I left him in charge of planning...

    When we got there, he hadn't researched entry fees to the beaches and had no cash on him. We drove around for 30 minutes looking for an ATM before we scraped up $5 worth of change from my car (because hotel check-in wasn't for another 3 hours). I was furious at this point because I am forever the planner and our DS was losing his shit in the backseat. We got to the beach, started relaxing, and FI dropped my camera in the lake...

    We left, went back to the hotel, his brother hopped in the shower, and he asked me sitting on the bed with our son. He had planned to do it on the beach, but didn't because I was ready to gouge his eyes out at the time. It was perfect, simple, and exactly what I wanted. I wanted something in private, not in front of a bunch of random strangers, and simple. He proposed on his birthday, so it was a complete surprise.

  • My FI is a photographer/videographer and often will randomly have his equipment with him. It was October 2, my birthday, and we dressed up to go to Roanoke for the day. We went to Mill Mountain and the 'Roanoke Star' which has a great outlook over the whole city... And it was crawling with stink bugs! He had set up his camera equipment to get a nice picture of the two of us on my birthday. But there were so many bugs we got back in the car and drove around. Little did I know he was about to propose (or that he was flipping out about the bugs ruining his proposal idea)! We came back to the area and found a different overlook that was more secluded anyway (and bug free). He got down on one knee with the timer going on the camera and was able to get a great shot of THE moment :)
  • My FI & I had been dating for 3 years & I had grown tired of hearing ”what's he waiting for?”  The fact we made the decision to buy a home together before being engaged only made the are you getting married stuff worse.  I wish people would mind their business.  Anyway, we found the perfect house & closed on it the end of August.  At this point I had written off any thought/hope of getting engaged because we now had the house and there was some stuff to do with it.  And I was okay with that.  So we were finally ready to stay in the house after a majority of our stuff had been moved in, it was a Friday.  I was in a completely dressed down in a track suit from NY&Co.  It was a chilly day & I had forgotten to grab my jeans from my apartment (to which I had some stuff left to get), so the track suit was what I had, other than work clothes.  FI suggests we go to dinner since we had been busy moving/unpacking.  I was like no way, I'm not dressed for dinner out!  His parents live close & invited us over for pizza.  We were on our way back into our house for the first time in the dark & was busy commenting on the light being given off from our lamp post, how strange it felt to be going in the house at dark, when mostly we had been leaving.  Next thing I know, FI is telling me he has a question to ask me & he's on his knee on our walkway with the ring box open.  I was stunned because I was certainly not expecting it!  I couldn't be happier that it happened privately, just the 2 of us, and it was at our new home,nthe first night we were there.  Very special memories.  We had never ring shopped together, I had just sent him pictures of suggestions & my ring size.  He did a fantastic job of getting exactly what I wanted, and it was handmade, custom designed in Ireland!  It has the Celtic knot on either side of the diamond.
  • We got engaged on Memorial Day.  We had just thrown a huge BBQ the day before so I figured his nerves were over that party... Little did I know.  To relax after the party we took our puppy for a walk on the beach- also the place we had our very first date.  I was not appropriately dressed and when he went to put his jacket around me he slyly pulled out the ring and was on one knee! It was perfect.
  • I was only a little surprised. ;)
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    This is from our website:

    After taking me out for a fantastic birthday dinner, Matt asked what I wanted for dessert.

    "I know this sounds strange, but I really just want ChocoTacos."

    "You have no idea how perfect that is."

    So we left the restaurant and went back to our car. Just across the street is a lovely little park. Matt suggested taking a walk there. I worried that my heels would sink in the mud, since it had been raining all day, but he insisted on walking me over to a picnic table. Then he got down on one knee in the mud (I'm pretty sure he ruined his suit) and said more words than I've ever heard him string together at one time, about how proud he is of me and how excited he is to spend the rest of our lives together. How could I possibly say no?

    And so we celebrated the happy occasion with the most delicious ChocoTaco I have ever tasted.

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  • We had taken a trip with a group of friends to Aruba. Earlier that day my FI had me looking at rings because we were closing on our house and the down payment was going to be way cheaper that what he expected. It was going to be our last night on the island so we going to go to dinner and out later so we all were dressed in white. While the girls were getting ready the guys left saying they needed to buy more alcohol and he went and got the ring. Thankfully the guy at the jewelry shop remembered him because he wasn't sure exactly which one. While at dinner all the guys pulled out boxes and each one had bought a gift for their girls.. And mine pulled out his last and there was the ring!! I was soooo surprised!! I did not expect it. I was only expecting to get a coach purse!! This was the only time we looked at rings.
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    We got engaged on December 1st, 2013. We had it planned to meet with a photographer to get Christmas pictures taken outside at a town shopping center. My FI had apparently talked to the photographer and all of our friends before hand and told them that he was going to propose and really wanted pictures of the proposal. So we go to the shopping center and get our pictures taken. After we were done, my FI asked the photographer if she could use his phone to take a picture of us in front of the big Christmas tree. She agrees, so he bends over to his jacket laying on the ground and pretends to pull his phone out. Oblivious to what's going on, I ask him, "Do you want us to stand or sit?" He replies, "Actually, I'm gonna kneel" and pulls out the ring and proposes :)

    All of our friends were hiding out in a Five Guys pizza place watching the whole thing! I had no idea until they all came out afterwards to congratulate us!!! It was amazing :) 

     The center stone of the ring is a diamond from his great-grandmother's engagement ring and there are blue sapphires on the band.


  • FI proposed on 11/15. We went to lunch, then wine tasting (grabbing a couple bottles to go from our favorite winery), then we headed to Safari West in Santa Rosa. While he tried to keep everything a surprise, I knew right where we were headed and I was psyched. Safari West is this cool little place where you can go out on keeps and see a bunch animals (zebras, rhinos, giraffes). Anyways, we get there and go on this behind the scenes tour, allowing us to feed the animals. While I knew he was going to propose, my FI is kind of shy, so I figured it would be back the tent where we were staying that night. But as I was petting giraffes, for the first time in my life, he got behind me to ask. Well, it took him like five minutes to get my attention because I was so excited to be feeding giraffes for the first time. Ever. Finally he got my attention and I said yes, slipped on my beautiful ring and went back to feeding the giraffes because it was an epic moment. Overall, he did a great job!
  • We go to Oahu on vacation every year, and this year was no different. Except that the whole time, he kept pushing for us to climb Diamond Head mountain. {I was really, really not into it, and kept delaying it} Finally, on March 17th (St Patrick's Day!), he convinced me to go. In hindsight, he was really weird about packing the bag himself. I offered to put a couple of water bottles in and he was strangely possessive about the bag. Should've been my first clue, but I just figured he was grouchy because it was 4:30 in the morning.

    We got there just at dawn and made the trek up. At the top, we spent some time looking around and taking pictures, and he suggested that we head over to this little alcove area that had no one around and was really private amongst all the tourists. It stuck out over the mountain, so all we could see was the ocean, the skyline with the sun just rising, and Honolulu city - it was so, so beautifull! He suggested I take a few pics from this angle, which I did, and then he said my name and when I turned around, he was on one knee.

    The only bad part was trying to make it back down without falling because I kept staring at my ring and bumping into people and the railings! lol When we're feeling goofy, we say, "We got lucky on St Patrick's Day" and "I got a diamond on Diamond Head!" {yeah, we're cheesy}

  • I was only a little surprised. ;)
    This picture is great!!

  • My FI proposed on Valentines Day - which seems super cheesy but it was awesome. We are a couple of laid back mo-fos & we've been talking about getting married and wedding planning for about six months already.

    Then on Valentines day he brought me gifts, I gave him some stuff, and he reached in his suit pocket and was like "Oh, I have one more thing." and I started jumping up and down thinking he was talking about the tickets he was SUPPOSED to have for the burlesque show we were going to that night... but nope, BAM - ring!

    He did the one-knee thing, and I dunno what he said because I was crying and thinking "OMG, OMG, OMG." Haha. It was awesome.

    Side note - he didn't have the tickets. Luckily they had e-receipts at will call :)

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