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Where to buy & try on a plus size wedding gown that can come in quickly??

Hello ladies,

My wedding is July 27th this summer! Yikes! I need to find a shop where I can try on dresses in a larger size (not the standard sample) and also be able to get it in quick.  I live in Enfield, CT but am willing to travel, hoping to find a place I can get to this weekend. It is so frustrating that most of the shops don't have dresses that I can actually try on! Do you ladies have any recommendations?

Thanks a bunch!!!

Re: Where to buy & try on a plus size wedding gown that can come in quickly??

  • Rk bridal in manhattan. They have over 100 plus size dresses. I had an amazing experience there. They are pros.
  • Thank you shelikesasunburn! I was hoping to avoid going to NYC but looks like I might have to. Glad to hear you had a good experience.
  • Bridal Bells in Berlin has a great selection of plus sizes. That's where I bought my dress. They vary on shipping dates, depending on company/designer.
    You do have time to find your dress! But I would go to look this week (in NY or wherever) if possible.
  • Brides to Be in Glastonbury! It's consignment, but you take it with you. I love them, and many of my friends have gone there as well. (I don't know their sizing, but a quick call could tell you)
  • 2nd for Bridal Belles in Berlin.  I ordered a Mori Lee Julietta and it came in 3 weeks later.  It does all depend on what the designer has in stock - so not sure they can guarantee it comes in quickly.
  • hyechica81hyechica81 member
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    3rd for bridal bells in berlin i ordered my mori lee juletta dress and it came in like a month later. she has plus sizes ranging from 16-30 for samples and she has a good selection of the larger size plus samples 22s 24s 26s 28s 30s she even has stuff you can buy off the rack i would give her a call and see what she can do for her. small shop but the owner whos also the consultant is amazing.

    if there is a dress you really love i think she can call and find out if your size is in stock if so they can ship it out asap.

    i went to brides2be in glastonbury to try on dresses before i even found bridal bells  they do have larger size dresses but the stock is limited and they all fit weird. and they are much older sample dressses from older designers collections and most of them needed lots of work.

    when i went to bridal bells it was a totally amazing experience im a 22 in street clothes and i was able to try on over 15 dresses.

    she carries mori lees juletta plus line, venus jasmine and she just started to carry some bonny and shes affordable too

    my dress was ordered in nov it came in December my weddings in june and alterations are starting next month 

  • Thank you ladies!  

    Just worried about find someone to alter the dress if I go to RK Bridal (which is another option)

    Bridal Bells is one of the stores i'm going to try. There are a couple of Julietta by Mori Lee dresses that I've seen online and love but she doesn't have them in stock which I'm a bit sad about... but going to give her a try and see how it goes. Glad to hear you've all had good experiences with them.
  • @rsalomon there were a few that i loved online that she did not have but she had similar styles what i thought i wanted based on photos did nothing for me when i tried them on i went in a totaly different direction from what i wanted to what i purchased i bought style 3098
    http://www.morilee.com/bridals/julietta/3098 with a second strap
    but i wanted something like style 3112 http://www.morilee.com/bridals/julietta/3112

    i know she has this one because i tried it on http://www.morilee.com/bridals/julietta/3106
    i tried on so many dresses i only remember 3 dresses out of 16  i tried on 2 juliettas and one venus http://venusbridal.com/bridals/venus/VE8064 similar to this one but im not sure if this was it i know it was a huge ballgown and i was like no way

  • @hyechica81 Thank you for the info! Julietta 3112 is one that my fiance really liked online, I love it I was hoping to try it! I'm not in love with any of the gowns she had on her website, but will check it her out and see how it goes....
  • hyechica81hyechica81 member
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    rsalomon she does not have every gown listed on her website more like a sampling of some stuff she has.  i called around for the 3112 its an older style from mori lee but no one in ct who carried morie lee had the sample most places i called only had regular mori lee sample gowns nothing in plus.

    i did try on a similar style to 3112 a bonny dress at brides2be in glastonbury in my bridal size but the dress would not close up in the back.  its funny beacuse its a store that only sells sample gowns in sizes 0-30 and nothing in my bridal size or 2 sizes up  fit. ( the backs of the dresses would not fully close and the dresses needed lots of work

    but when i went to bridal bells and tried on gowns in my bridal size and sizes larger than my bridal everything fit i even needed clips on some of them.. she was at the hartford bridal expo this past jan and she did a fashion show with all new styles that recently came out

    plus she has a section of off the rack gowns you can look at to

    i went to one other place that said they specalized in plus but what a disapointment they had maybe 4 gowns i could get into and what they considered plus was more like 14s 16s 18s with very few 20s 22s 24s nothing in 26s 28s or 30s

  • hyechica81 What was the other store?  I have appointments at Bridal Bells, The Wedding Dress, and one other store out of the area this weekend... Wedding dress overload!
  • hyechica81hyechica81 member
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    its stylish impressions in farmington they selection of plus is limited as well as the styles they dont carry anything off the rack so they would need to order the dress for you they carry allure and maggies but they dont carry the allure womens plus line.

    allure and maggies take a while to get in your better off going to a place that can get you a dress in your short time frame. plus have discontinued dresses they need to get rid of  the only designer i know that dresses come in fast are mori lee.

    my experience at stylish impressions was not that great i had a vision in my head i told them what i wanted based on what i had already tried on elswhere. i asked for a dress with pick ups and they bring me a dress with pick ups but its satin and has some ugly beading thing in the front no way. plus i found it weird that the owner was sitting by the door asking me why i didnt purchase a gown.  they let you browse the racks but all the sizes are mixed so its hard to find the big sizes

     i had a list of over 10 allure gowns and they did not have one of them . i even asked if i came back could get see if they could get them on loner for me and they said we get new dresses in all the time check back later.

  • I have a dress, sz 20, gorgeous.  Unfortunately, although I fell in love with it we have now decided to have a beach wedding and the dress is too ornate.  Never worn, never altered... gorgeous.  Let me know if you want to see a picture or two :-)
  • @Lisa101213 do you have a picture of the dress?
  • just be aware that wedding dresses run small so if your a size 16 you would fit into an 20 and if your an 18 a 22 would fit you
  • @rsalomon I've attached the magazine pic.  My dress is more of a creamy color and I do have a photo of it but it's on my phone and i have to upload it.  I'll try to do that tonight.
  • Thank you ladies! I actually went to a store in the Albany, NY area yesterday. They had quite a few dresses I was able to try on and half of the dresses I tried were even too big! I ended up with the Maggie Sottero Courtney dress, I think it's one my fiancé said he wasn't crazy over but it looks completely different on the model than it does on me. It even gave me curves I didn't know existed.
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