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Hi, hopefully to some A/V savvy peeps!

I want to put a slideshow together to play on one of the big screens in our BLVD suite at PH for our happy hour.

How do I even go about this?

Make it on the iPad, then connect to the TV? Do I need an Apple TV for that?

USB? But then I need to figure out the program to make the slideshow in.

I'm envisioning all sorts of compatibility issues.

Any advice?

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Re: Slideshow

  • Some TV's still have a headphone jack that plugs into it and that you can run from your iPad to the TV and it will play (similar to iPod car adapater/jack), but not sure if the newer ones have the line in option....


    Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

  • I am so not the person to give you advice on this lol I just wanted to say that is a really cool idea! Hopefully someone here can point you in the right direction!
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  • My plan is to put my photos in PowerPoint (you could use the Apple equivalent, I think it's something like Keynote, or Open Office's Impress), one photo per slide. I'll have my music queued up, then hit play for music and slideshow, and record my screen. I'll get my screencasting software here later. Burn the file onto a DVD, and then bring the DVD wherever it needs to go. No worries about compatibility, cables, finicky Apple devices not working with anything else. If you're sure the venue has a laptop/computer to put the USB into, you can pull the file to the USB.

    Our slideshow will play on the bus up to the location, so I'm pretty sure I'll need a DVD. :)

    Is that too techie or just right? Let me know.


    Does this help? I know my Windows machine has "Movie Maker" or something like that - it looks like you can do pretty much the same thing through iPhoto where you can save the music and the photos together, put on some effects and then save the whole file - which then you can burn to a DVD, save to USB, or load up on an iPod.
  • Well my slideshow dreams have been crushed :) Talked to the hotel and they told me that the TVs are unable to receive inputs from anything external. And no DVD player.

    I guess I could just have a iPAD out running a slideshow on the bar or next to the food. Is it worth it? Think anyone would pause to watch it?

    Thanks :)
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  • What about using a digital picture frame? It might be a little bit larger than using an iPad? My brother had one by his guest book at his wedding and people made a point of going over to take a look.
  • Good idea. My iPad has a nearly 10" screen. Will have to see how much a digital frame that's larger costs. Like I need to spend more money!!
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  • What about a mini portable projector for your ipad or iphone and you could use a white wall.
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  • OOOH look at that!!! I do have an old one, that I was planning to use for music all weekend.

    I will have to look into this! Thanks!!

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