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Shower at the Bride's house?

Hi everyone,

My MOH has graciously offered to throw me a shower.  We were thinking of dates and probably the weekend of the bachelorette makes the most sense because there are people (including the MOH) coming in from out of town.  I live in a city where getting a private room at a hotel or restaurant is expensive (often you have to pay to rent it out or there is a food/beverage minimum) and I don't want my MOH to have to shell out a ton of money for this event.  One of my bridesmaids could host at their apt (in the same city) but neither has offered, I'm guessing it's not appropriate for me to ask, and my MOH isn't good friends with them so I'm not sure that she feels comfortable asking.  Which leaves us with my apartment for a location.  Is that ok or does it seem like I'm hosting my own shower?  I'll ultimately leave it up to the MOH to decide, as she may want to use a restaurant or move the shower outside of the city, which would be fine, but I'm not sure if I should offer my place up anyway, as another option, or just leave it alone.

Re: Shower at the Bride's house?

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    Since your MOH offered to throw the shower, it would be fine to offer her the option of using your apartment. The invitations will indicate who the hosts are.
  • I agree with Maire - as long as the hosts are listed on the invitation you are fine.  I have received invitations like that before and for me it was no rocket science to figure out that the bride had the largest house and was not hosting.  I am never offended by something like that. 

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