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Rude Vendor!

I was looking at a venue website at their packages and prices, and the first thing they have listed are their prices for planning services and then after that they have the package prices. I was unsure if the package prices included the planning services or if it was an additional fee so I decided to send them an email to ask. This was her reply to me....

"Our Packages include coordination (and it should be stated in the 
description... and it is! oh,good). "

Maybe I'm just in a bitchy mood today, but I felt like her comment was rude and unnecessary. Obviously the website was unclear to me, otherwise I wouldnt have had to ask. I dont care how much she charges, I wont be using her. 

Re: Rude Vendor!

  • AlexisA01AlexisA01 Dubai, my royal playground. member
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    It was almost like she implying you didn't read anything on the site. It seems rude.

    Live fast, die young. Bad Girls do it well. Suki Zuki.

  • InkdancerInkdancer The Shire member
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    Sure as hellfire would not be hiring her!
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  • Well maybe I'm just in a mood, but I'd reply and let her know that if it were clear you wouldn't have asked and her snarky reply was enough to put you off using their venue, and that better is expected from those in a customer based business.
  • a touch sarcastic...but internet tone isn't real life.
    Maybe call them and see how a one-on-one conversation goes?
  • One thing I've learned on my journey through wedding planning is that it NEVER hurts to clarify something you'll be paying for. I do my research and even if something is stated on the website, if it's important to me I'll always verify it when talking to them, and again verify it in the contract. Maybe I'm paranoid, but whatever--I want to know what I'm paying for.

    She basically shamed you for asking a question, and ultimately it doesn't matter if it was written on the website; you wanted clarification. That would be a red flag for me.
  • Yeah I would call the company and speak to them about this attitude as it would completely turn me off. I did this to the Alfred Angelo's consultant when she wouldn't stop calling and harassing me. Telling her straight out that she was the reason their company lost out on sales to my entire bridal party and the bridal parties of two friends who are also engaged, was the most satisfying moment of the planning process for me. 
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  • HaileyDancingbearHaileyDancingbear Arkham Asylum member
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    I would never, EVER reply to a customer with that sort of attitude.  Even if someone asked me something that was in giant bold letters on our website's home page, I would simply answer their question, and probably provide a link to the site saying something along the lines of "More info can be found here," because that's how anyone with any common sense whatsoever would respond to someone who they are hoping to get money from!!!!  I'm appalled by her response, I really couldn't imagine being so flat out rude to a customer. 

    And if she didn't intend to sound rude, then she is very poorly trained (And perhaps a bit dense, I'm trying really hard and I really can't see how that is supposed to be interpreted as anything other than snarky.)  Maybe I just work somewhere where we're more careful about this stuff, but I was taught to always make damn sure that my responses were nothing but rainbows and butterflies and helpfulness, because I am being paid to bring money to the business and be helpful, not give my two cents about wether or not a customer did a good enough job reading the site.  
  • Ugggg, I hate rude vendors. I had a hotel call me while I was watching the Women's Gold Hockey Game, During overtime maybe a minute before they scored the gold medal goal. Oh I could have killed her!
    Before this I really loved the venue but now, over my dead body!!

  • Well maybe I'm just in a mood, but I'd reply and let her know that if it were clear you wouldn't have asked and her snarky reply was enough to put you off using their venue, and that better is expected from those in a customer based business.
    I would say this too.  She should know how she came across to a potential customer.

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  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    Yeah, she's a bitch. 

  • I would write back and say, "I asked for clarification because your website was extremely unclear, however, by your response, you have made it quite clear how you choose to treat your clients and I will take my business elsewhere."

    I have had people write some asinine questions to me, and I just answer their question and let them know that I am available if they have any further questions; clearly she doesn't understand how customer service works.
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  • You need to give feedback if a vendor is this rude.   Customer service drives pretty much any industry these days.  The best part is that you have it in writing that the person was this rude, there is clearly proof of what she said.   I would call and speak to the owner and say, that while you understand that everyone has a bad day, there was no need for you to be spoken to like that and the company lost out on your business.  


  • Yes I am 100% in agreement of voicing my dissatisfaction in a vendors tone and lack of politeness! You are the one paying and you get to choose which one you want to go with. If there were two venues I was torn between, I'd make my choice based on how the person I'm working with treats me.
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