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Bridal Brunch versus Bridal Shower Brunch on invitation


I am remarrying and do not want my bridesmaid to throw me a Bridal Shower, where the guests would bring gifts. Instead, we decided it would be welcoming to have a Brunch the weekend before the wedding. My bridesmaid is specifying on the invite "Your presence is your present!" to indicate that no material gifts are expected.

How does she call this event in the Invitation Headline: Bridal Brunch or Bridal Shower Brunch? Which is the most appropriate?

Also, some of the girlfriends have children. How to politely state that this event is only for the girls and no kids?

Thank you for your suggestions,

Maria B.

Re: Bridal Brunch versus Bridal Shower Brunch on invitation

  • Kids are a tricky subject and we have been dealing with them as well. We actually used the wording "While we love children, we ask that you kindly make alternate arrangements for their care during this time."

    I know a lot of people say you can't ask blatently on an invitation, but my family would not notice how the invitiation was addressed nor would they use it as an indication for who's invited.

    I would say that since you don't want gifts, it would be best to title it "Bridal Brunch," anything with the word shower attached to it typically calls for gifts, and if you're trying to avoid that, then definitely avoid the wording.

    Good Luck!

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    @cgayhea, I see you are new to The Knot.  When you respond to a thread, look at the date under the SN of the last poster.  That date will indicate whether the thread is current or dead.  You have responded to a dead thread.  The OP (original poster) created this thread In October, 2013.  In all likelihood, the OP is long gone.

    And you are correct.....it is incredibly rude to state who is NOT included on an invitation.  Please do not suggest that others do.

    @KnotPorscha, can you close please?
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