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Vietnamese Baby Etiquette

Does anyone know the etiquette associated with gifts for babies in the Vietnamese culture? DH's aunt is pregnant with twins. I know they don't do showers based on the shock they exhibited at the mention of my bridal shower. DH is clueless and we aren't really on speaking terms with his mom so I have no one to ask. I'd love to get her gifts but don't know how it would be perceived or when I should give them (before or after birth).

Re: Vietnamese Baby Etiquette

  • You may also want to lost this on the Asian brides board.
  • flyingfoxesflyingfoxes member
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    edited March 2014
    I asked my Vietnamese friend, and she said, 

    "One thing about Vietnamese people they are picky when it comes to gifts. That is why we give $$. Same thing with wedding."
    And: "After the baby is borne. The family and friends would come by the house to see the baby. That is when you give $$. Another thing Vietnamese people don't want you to see the baby until the baby is a month old."

  • Thank you @qmda76. I figured it may be something like that.
  • NP!  She said the month thing is because it's bad luck to see the baby before then.  

  • Cookie PusherCookie Pusher Looking over your shoulder member
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    Chinese have a similar tradition. Typically, the parents have a party when the baby is a month old to formally introduce them and people give red envelopes of money, sometimes jade/gold jewelry.

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