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No More Negative Nancy

edited March 2014 in Not Engaged Yet
I'm tired of being negative. In life and on this board. As such I'm going to post what I'm happy/thankful for, and am encouraging you all to do the same.

1) I'm happy that I made a drastic jump last year and moved from Nevada to Pennsylvania. I took a chance on a guy that I only knew from talking online, over the phone, and one trip to meet face to face. We have been together lovingly and happily ever since.

2) I'm grateful for my SO's family for taking me in when I had no place else to live and encouraging me and mmaking me feel like family. I love you all! You're my new mom, brothers, sister and "dad" and I love you all as much as my family back west.

3) I'm grateful that I have found friends at work. Most of my coworkers are like family and we have each other's back through thick and thin.

I'll just leave it at 3 for now. Don't want something too long winded.

Re: No More Negative Nancy

  • I'll play too!

    I am happy and extremely lucky to have a job. Though it's hollycrapballs stressful, and my boss is one customer away from pulling her hair out, I am thankful I have it.

    I am also very thankful and blessed to have my family, and my friends. Though I don't get to see them much, it's amazing to have the love and support. 

    Very happy and blessed to have our home and kitty cats and all of our stuff that we do.

    Most of all, I am very blessed to have my health. Though weary sometimes, it's better than many people I know.

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  • 1) I'm grateful my and FI's families are so crazy supportive of not only our wedding but also us. They're great.

    2) I'm thankful I found a band to play with here. Music really does make me sane.

    3) I'm thankful for all the time I spent with my gma learning mad old lady crafting skills such as knitting, crocheting, and cross stitching. My finished products are almost always rewarding and the process keeps me sane and connected to my gma.

    I use the phrase "keeps me sane" a lot and mean it quite literally. My anxiety is so much better when 1,2, and 3 are happening for me :)
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  • 1) My amaaaaaaaaazing, cooooooomfy warm bed!

    2) Beating my high test score for Peds on the third exam!

    3) My amazing nursing school friends.

    3) Oreo cheesecake.

    4) My ridiculous but still somehow truly lovable family.

    5) Being in good health despite how badly I abuse my body sometimes...I should stop that.

  • Today I am thankful to my one coworker, he keeps me sane.

    The individuals I take care of at work. They're amazing people and I always smile because of them, even when I'm super stressed.

    My wonderful SO for letting me wake him up this morning with a phone call when I was in tears. Even when sleepy he still manages to make me feel better with just a few words of encouragement.
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