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When are you going shopping for BM dresses and men's attire?

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My best friend/ BM keeps complaining that she's in another wedding besides mine in Sept and that bride is making her go get dresses this month. She is telling me that's "so early, and so crazy and they don't have to look until July". So now I don't know when to bring her looking because I'm a planner and don't want to wait until July! But if that's normal......?

Also when are your FI and men going to get suits? Is there a different timetable with renting vs. buying suits? We haven't decided yet whether to rent or buy but we haven't looked in a store yet either.......I have no idea when to go LOL thank you!



Re: When are you going shopping for BM dresses and men's attire?

  • I think it depends on how long it takes for the dresses to come in. I would say 6 months before the wedding would probably be enough time. I have started looking at dresses already and sent them out to my girls to see if they like them, but, really don't think they need to order them until March or April. David's Bridal told me to order them in December! Haha, cute.

    As for men's tuxes I would say 3-4 months out. Then again, I guess I'm going off past experience of what my friends did. We plan on going to Men's Warehouse. 
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  • Ditto to Couggal12; depending on the shop you get your bridesmaids dresses from I would allow 6 months, just to be on the safe side. I'm going shopping late next month with two of my bridesmaids. That way we still have plenty of time if we don't find something they like/within budget right away. For the men's tuxes, the BM already owns his. I'm going to ask him to send me a photo of it probably in April or May and then check Men's Warehouse for something similar for the other 2 groomsmen.
  • I'm going dress shopping with the girls this weekend for the first time. If this weather cooperates! The salon I ordered my dress from told me for BM dresses they carry it is usually 8-12 weeks delivery & they like them in 2 months before the wedding.  I'm still waiting on an answer from FSIL if she'll be a BM, so if the rest find the dress this weekend I will ask the latest they can be ordered.  But David's Bridal has a quick turn around, no matter what they say, so if you need fast, I suggest there. 
    As for the men, we are using Men's Warehouse also. I'm waiting until the girls dress is picked so I have a swatch to take with me.  But again, no ordering until FSIL gives answer because FI hasn't asked his guys yet because he doesn't know how many to ask.   I think according to the checklist on here the men's attire is in the March to May time frame. 
    I'm hitting after Easter/Communion clearance to find the Flower Girl dress & little boys dress shirt & pants. No little tuxes for them! Too much money! Kohls it will be for Chaps brand shirts & pants! (they will be 2 & almost 2)
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    Awesome thanks guys!!

    Definitely a good idea to hit up the Easer sales because I do plan to buy my 4 year old nephew a little outfit and FI washoping to purchase his suit.

    And all the times I've been a BM theytold me the dress wouldtake 3 months and it took 3 weeks lol



  • We are going bridesmaid dress shopping in two weeks. I wanted to give them 3-5 months for them to come in and another month for alterations. I doubt they will go shopping for suits until 3-4 months before the wedding. LOL
  • We've already picked dress, and the girls will be ordering soon. It takes about 2 months to come in. There's no harm in getting things early. That way if we run into any issues, we have some room to deal with it. I suggested my fiance do the suit thing around May.
  • We have the color and designer chosen, but aren't going to choose the styles (all 5 girls will be different) until March or April, partially because one BM wants to lose 20lbs first. :) Maybe around Easter since the FSIL will likely be back home from NY. 

    I will say though that I am in a wedding in June, and ordered my dress in September because the bride was deploying and wanted the peace of mind that the dresses were all taken care of. So it's your day, your call - if you want them ordered now, go ahead and do it and don't worry about anyone complaining! Your friend may be worried financially about ordering both dresses in the same month, maybe she anticipated having more time to save up... that's a different story.

    I may have the guys go a little earlier than "normal" for their gear, because I want to support a small, independent tux place in our hometown that may not have as large of an inventory as Men's Wearhouse or President.

  • Please don't wait until July!  I just ordered a BM dress in January for another wedding I'm in and they told me it would be here in April.  Then if I need alterations that could be several more weeks.  

    Make sure to check with the bridal salon that the styles won't be discontinued.  I knew someone who picked her dresses really early, half of the bridesmaids bought them, and then the manufacturer discontinued the style and they weren't able to get anymore.  It was a mess.  Same goes for colors, which can be discontinued as well.  
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  • Went last weekend, girls tried on 4 dresses and picked the one they both like! 

  • I picked my BM dresses already It is 16 week lead on them they have to order by April to get time for alterations
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  • On average (depending on the designer, store and dress) a dress can take anywhere from 3-6 months to come in after being ordered. You must also allow time for alterations (4-6 weeks although many places can have it done in 2 weeks). That being said, the latest you should really be looking is end of March to be safe for any unknown delivery delays. Some designers (as most of the dresses are made in China) may not ship for several weeks due to holidays in some regions. If you have any plus side bridesmaids or bridesmaids that require additional length........that may require a little longer as well.
    That being said, young children in the wedding you may want to wait a little longer (if you are going with a designer and the time frame can afford it) as many children will grow exponentially over the summer.
    Gentlemen can order/rent their suits/tuxes with less time (if they have somewhat standard measurements) allow extra time for the big and tall gentlemen(or ladies) in your lives as they will require additional time. Typically the suggestion for tuxes is 3 months prior to the wedding. The tux or suit will be ready usually 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding but provided there are no major adjustments, they can be done on site usually within 2 days of the wedding.
  • I'm waiting a few more months when my life calms down a bit... So maybe April timeframe? I still think that is more than enough time!
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    Thanks we made appointments for the men and women in late March :) 



  • We've shopped already. September is the busiest month, so my friend, who works as a bridal consultant, told me to get in. I was glad to get it over with, honestly. 

    FI and his guys will go for tuxes sometime in early April.
  • ok ladies!  I went BM shopping this past weekend and it was ok but we didn't make a decision.  I was doing some online searching and I found  has anyone heard of them or used them for any weddings before?  any advice would be great
  • I only have two BM's, but they both live in different states than each other (and me!) We went the davids bridal route, since the color/style combo I loved from Ann Taylor has been discontinued :-/ Horizon, chiffon, and short are the requirements, they can choose whatever they like from there. I'm not sure where the tuxes will come from... Probably men's wear house since they, too, all are coming from different states.
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    @jco619 I have not heard of that website but I'm the type who would not purchase anything over $25 that I can't try on.



  • The guys have their tuxes picked out.. and tentative vest/tie colors.  I'm making the final decisions on my dresses soon.  I know what designer/style I want but am thinking about letting them have different dresses but same color/style.  Also, I think my MOH is going to be in a DIFFERENT color then the rest but with the same style, etc.  I'm sort of uneasy about the different color.  It's complimentary though so it should be okay.. :)

  • We finished up decisions last Saturday. Got my girls dresses' picked out and ordered (my deadline for that was the end of March and I didn't anticipate finding the dress we all agreed on so fast) and all the men's tuxes have been decided on. :)
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