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Hi Offbeat Brides. We are thinking of having a small(under20) person wedding at a B and B. The package includes cake and pop for all attendees and lasts about two hours. We were thinking of taking an hour -2 hour break and then taking everyone out to a nice dinner at a local restaurant. I have found one that offers a banquet menu within our price range. I dont want a dj and all that normally comes with a traditional reception but would like some sort of activity so that people arent just eating and taking off. Any ideas? As this event will be taking place in the winter in Michigan, we were also looking for something to do in the evening that would be fun that we could informally invite anyone to join us in. My worry is that without theis stuff guests will feel like the 3 hour trip from home wasnt worth it to see a twenty minute ceremony and have dinner. Any ideas? 

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  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    I think, if you want to have an activity, you should have it during the 2 hour gap between your ceremony/punch reception and dinner. If I'm from out of town, I would be twiddling my thumbs for two hours and not super happy.

    You could take people on a tour of some sort or maybe go bowling/arcade something "you". Ask your local board for advice.

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    Is it possible to just not have a gap? Gaps are pretty much the bane of existence of weddings, so if you can avoid it then that would be the best idea.
  • No gaps they make everyone sad
  • wandajune6wandajune6 Chicago-ish member
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    Gaps are a problem. I'd imagine they're even worse if I'm in from out of down and it's a MI winter.

    Can you find a place for cocktails, hot cocoa, and board games? I'd hate to have 2 hours to burn on icy roads when I'm in dressy (and therefore not warm enough) clothes.

    As for keeping people around, that's tough. A traditional banquet hall dinner really is dinner, dessert, then leaving. The chairs don't make you want to stay seated for hours and there's nothing to occupy you other than the people at your table.
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  • I'd love to do bowling after a cake and punch reception! That'd be a fun opportunity for mingling and great photos (pretty dresses and bowling shoes)!

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  • Yes to bowling or some sort of café that has board games during the gap. Honestly for 20 people, I would think the B&B would have a room to support hot cocoa & card games/charades/mingling.
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