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Rant: If another person offers to walk me down the aisle, I'm going to explode.

My FI and I are walking down together. This is the decision we have made, together, and is final. And yet people still think it's appropriate to a) tell me that just because my dad is dead, doesn't mean I can't be given away and b) offer to give me away. I know that I could ask anybody to give me away. But that doesn't mean I want to partake in a tradition that is based on ownership of the bride by her father and then her husband. Especially since I no longer have a father, and unless my FI goes through some drastic changes before the wedding, will never have a husband.

I'm so grateful that my FI's family think of me as their family to the point that her father, grandfather, mother, both of her brothers and her cousin have all offered to give me away, but I have told each and every one of them that I do not want to be given away, and why, and yet I always get someone else offering to give me away a few days later. Do they not talk? Do they think I'm lying to them?

Not to mention my own family. They have all known my dislike of the tradition since forever, and yet my brother, sister, mother, both grandfathers, both grandmothers, uncles, cousin and aunt have all offered to walk my down the aisle! No matter who offers, I am NOT going to change my mind.
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Re: Rant: If another person offers to walk me down the aisle, I'm going to explode.

  • Good for you for standing up for what you want! Maybe you can say something along the lines of, "FI and I will be giving ourselves to each other, so we will be walking down the aisle together." I know you've already declined their offers, but perhaps putting it that way will help it make more sense. Keep standing up for what you and FI want. Take deep breaths and good luck!
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