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Are Grooms Cakes not common?

So I casually mentioned to my soon to be mother in law that I wanted to ask our vendor if I could bring in a Grooms Cake to go along with our regular wedding cake. She looked at me like I was nuts and didn't know what I was talking about. Is it not as common in California as it is where I'm from (New Orleans)? Most people I mention it to who are San Diegans have no clue what they are! 

Also- Anyone know of a good bakery to provide one?

Re: Are Grooms Cakes not common?

  • The last two weddings I went to (here in SD) had groom's cakes :)

    I haven't gotten to the wedding cake selecting yet... (unfortunately) :)
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    Groom's cakes happen here in San Diego but I doubt every wedding has them. We definitely know what they are here! I used Sweet Cheeks Baking Company and they do really amazing sculpted cakes. I've seen lots of samples of their grooms cakes. They're really creative. And they're delicious!
  • I plan to have a grooms cake, he has no idea hes getting one or probably what it is, so I can't wait to surprise him  :)
  • I worked at a wedding cake bakery for a while and they were pretty popular. I myself have not attended a wedding with one, but I think it is more of a budget thing. paying for another cake when you can use that for something else is probably the biggest reason, especially when the grooms cakes can be more expensive due to elaborate sculpting and themes.
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