Summer 2014 Brides!

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Calling all brides who are getting married in May/June/July/Sept this year!

Where are you in the planning process?  What's stressing you out?  One interesting tidbit about yourself, your fiancé, or the wedding...and a few other questions...

Here's mine:

Name: Kristie, in Gales Ferry, CT

Date of Wedding: Sunday, June 29th, 2014

Where you are saying "I do": On a beautiful pier overlooking Lake Champlain in Upstate New York
Where you're having the reception: Private residence in Upstate New York
Approx. how many people are attending: 100-120

Where are you in the planning process: Halfway I think.  We've got the photographer, DJ, caterer, rental stuff, attendants' formal wear and ceremony location.  We also have the officiant, our first dance song and ceremony music, and the rehearsal dinner location.  Mailed the save the dates this weekend.  Selected items for the bridal registry, made reservations for out of town guests.
 Still need: the flowers, decorations, colors, cake, dress, flower girls' outfits, invitations, programs, videographer, shot list for photographer, wedding toasts, welcome basket for OOT guests, gifts for attendants, parents, flower girls, hair and makeup for the wedding, something old, new, borrowed, blue, readings for the ceremony....basically all the little details that pull the wedding together.

What's stressing you out: The dress!  Haven't found THE ONE yet.  Also very stressed out with the family drama surrounding the wedding reception.  And I'm finding it very difficult to plan the wedding long-distance from Connecticut.

One interesting tidbit: My fiancé's brother is going to officiate the wedding!  And my 5th grade teacher (who is 61 years old and a dear friend of mine) will be the matron of honor.

Are you exchanging gifts with your fiancé the day of/before the wedding?: Yes, we are each going to write a letter to the other to be read on the morning of the wedding.  My gift to him is a photo album with boudoir photos of me!  I think I might give it to him the night before, so I can see his reaction!  I'm also doing a groom's cake for him to have at the rehearsal dinner.

Re: Summer 2014 Brides!

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    alyssa or alie for short new britain ct
    wedding date june 28th 2014 new britain ct evening ceremony  armenian church of the holy ressurection
    reception testas southington hour after ceremony ends

    we are inviting 158 people  and sent out the save the dates last week

    got the dress bridesmaid dresses picked out tuxes bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses came from bridal bells in berlin small shop with lots of dresses plus sizes but she has regular sizes 2 so many options for a larger sized bride who wont fit into sample sized gowns she has samples up to a 30. tuxes are being rented from menswearhouse
    flowers and photographer are all set  using scott dery from bristol for our photography flowers are by scotts flowers in new britain garbera and min garbera daisys for my brides maids me and moh will have the same assortment as them but also roses
    dj cake and centerpieces are included in our venue
    diane from studio ten in kensington is doing my hair ( i have been going to her for the past 16 years and shes amazing)
    my cousin offered to do the makeup for the bridesmaids and me so shes doing my makeup

    still need to find a mob dress for my mom shes more of a macys norstroms dress person she got my brothers mog dress for his wedding at macys.

    going to the venue tomorrow to make the second deposit change up some things on the menu and see if we can bring an additional payment besides the deposit  to him so in the end we are not paying a chunk of money

    we still need a limo huge wedding party trying to decided if we should save some money and get a smaller limo for just me him and my sister moh and his best man
    my brother is going to be the deacon officating with the priest at my ceremony
    i might have him or my godmother godfather do the readings.

    signing the contract for the hotel room blocks for out of town/state guest found a hotel in bristol right next door to lake compounce

    rehersal dinner bridal shower still need a venue
    bridal shower is rustic country
    and reception is beachy but not cheezy think starfish sand dollars
    need favors for the reception
    favors for the bridal shower i know im not suposed to know about it but i want to help my mom cousin and sister out on some things

    i am half armenian and still have to work on a cd to give to the dj with some armenian music i want to keep it at 3-4 songs did one for my brothers wedding and let me tell you all my dads family they are italian and lithuanian plus my sister in laws family they are canadian everyone got up to do armenian dancing ( armenian dancing is almost like greek dancing difference is the greeks hold hands and the armenians hold pinkies)

    we are also playing a mix of music from the 1930s-current hits i am huge into line dancing and some of my friends  and cousins who are will be there so i picked out 4 easy line dances so that others can join in. my fi loves 80s music so we have to have some of that mixed in.

    im stressing about the limo we have 7 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen it was originally 7 and 7 but my brother said he wanted to focus on being on the alter during my wedding as the deacon and my other brother whos very shy but has some ocd issues said hes not comfortable being in my wedding and i have no issues with that .  so i need a limo to fit us all or just fit me fi moh and bm
    the groomsmen getting the deposits on the tuxes in time
    and not going over budget
    im also stressing that my fi has such little family and lots of friends that he will turn around and add more people after he told me 2 days ago i forgot 2 people and no more thats it.

    we def know this early that we have some guest not attending they are family of fi and they are his aunts who are older in there 80s 90s a and not in the best of health ( fi mom had him late in life thats why all his aunts uncles cousins are much older than him)

  • Kacy in North Stonington, CT

    September 6, 2014

    our reception is going to be at the Mystic Yachting Center in the mystic shipyard. Gorgeous place, reminded me of a hobbit hole and therefore I had to have it.

    we're expecting about 130-150 and I'm trying to get it down quite a bit.

    I think I'm well over the half-way mark in the planning process. I have florist booked, the cupcakes booked, the DJ, photographer.
    I still need centerpieces, and a ceremony space.

    I am stressing about the guest list!!!! OMG my fiance's from a different country and it's very traditional that if you invite one, you invite all. kind of a big fat greek wedding situation. I don't think many of them will come, as the wedding is almost 2 hours from where most of them live, but they are not a punctual people or a very organized so they may not even RSVP (ugh) but we do have to invite them, and if they come, my parents (who are paying for most of the wedding) are going to have panic attacks.
  • @kaceanpoint if you dont get your rsvps back by the dedline then you both should start calling people to see if they are coming or not so you get feel for whos not really coming. the worst part is when people dont rsvp you call they say no and then show up anyways my brother had a few of those
  • Hi I'm Jen and our wedding date is June 28th at Anthony's Ocean View in New Haven. We're having a 6pm ceremony followed by a clambake reception all out on the beach/patio.

    I feel like I've gotten a lot done!!! We've had our photographer for awhile and our dj is mike simonetta. Have a videographer and cake is included with the venue, I just have to meet with the planner at the bakery. I'm meeting with the florist this weekend.

    I've already gotten my invites and ordered personalized stamps/address labels. I've got a few DIY things like centerpieces and some details that I already know what I want, just have to make.

    I have my dress and the bridesmaids ordered theirs already. FI knows what he's getting for himself and his guys so he needs to make his appt. Our jp is a friend so that's set. Our rehearsal dinner venue were in contact with and I've made reservations at a b&b in new haven for us for fri and sat night (we live in Bristol).

    We have two flower girls- our daughters and I have their dresses picked out just not ordered. I have to choose a date for our engagement shoot still. Our hair and makeup will be done by Larissa Lake out if Wethersfield.

    I already have my wedding band just need FIs and we've already got it picked out. I'm sure I'm missing something here!

    We are having between 100-125 people and my biggest worry is pulling everything together on the actual day!!!

  • Oh yeah! Booked the honeymoon and flights! Antigua ! :-)
  • oh forgot to add honeymoon has been booked

    we got suckered into one of those time share presentations so my fi though it would be good to schedule during our honeymoon ( in exhange for visiting ron johns time share resort in coco beach we get a free week of hotels 2 tickets to disney and free breakfast, i told my fi i really dont want to remember my honymoon as just visiting a time share presentaion and spending a week in florida so we decided to take 2 weeks and go on a cruise the second week st thomas san jan turks cacos and a few other islands from carnival
  • We went on a cruise to Turks and Caicos a few years ago, it was a blast, you'll love it,
  • Name: Dahlia, Groton

    Date of Wedding:  Saturday June 14th

    Where you are saying "I do":USCGA Chapel

    Where you're having the reception: O Club on the CGA Campus

    Approx. how many people are attending: 125-135

    Where are you in the planning process: Mostly done. Wedding party settled, dresses (bride and maids) are ordered, suits decided on but not gotten, FI will be wearing his dress blues, priest found, organist found, catering done by the O'club, DJ found, cake people found, slip/corset found, centerpieces/table ships purchased (balsa wood ships models with famous names instead of table numbers), placecards/favors all figured out, just need to order them. Honeymoon planned but not purchased. Still working on flowers (pukingly expensive) and the photographer (the one i wanted wasnt available so im back looking around) I have the Mohegan sun Bridal Expo on the 16th of this month so that may help.

    One interesting tidbit: I.... uh.... like to read? no, i really really hate girly things (normally) but this wedding.... its the princess in me i guess. haha

    Are you exchanging gifts with your fiancé the day of/before the wedding?: Nope.

    What am i stressing the most?:  Im a slightly psychotic planner and even though everything on the big list is basically done, i feel like im missing something major. AND my Fiance's father is... a bitter bitter man. we arent sure if #1 hes going to show up, #2 hes going to ruin everything by being an ass.


  • @frost
    I can totally relate with the family drama!!!  I am dealing with that myself.  Super stressful. 
    My new approach right now is to not talk to my mom about wedding stuff because we end up fighting about it most of the time.  I think it's going to be really difficult to avoid the topic!  And how sad, too.  Mothers and daughters are supposed to bond over wedding planning!  I'm her only daughter and she is missing out.
  • That is her loss, not yours. If she cant realize that this day is about what you and your Fiance want, then she doesnt need to be involved. Im sorry thats how it has to be for you. thankfully my father-in-law to be is angry with his ex-wife (my Fiance's mom) so its not about planning, that part is fine, its just on the day if he is going to be civil or not. Rob is going to go down and do a face to face sit down with him about how he is expected to behave. We went to great lengths to put the 2 sides (mom and dad) on opposite ends of the room so that they have as little interaction as possible with my family and friends in the middle. That should help, hopefully. I hope your mom gets it before its too late and can really help you out with things. Best of luck!!
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    Allright, since I've been more active on The Knot here lately, I though I should share who I was:

    Name: Charlotte, Newington

    Date of Wedding:  Friday, May 9, 2014

    Where you are saying "I do" & Where you're having the reception: Both at The Webb Barn, Old Wethersfield, CT

    Approx. how many people are attending: 100

    Where are you in the planning process: I think we're in pretty good shape. We have booked: Venue, Caterer (and menu), Rentals, DJ, Photographer, Transportation, Hotel Block, Rehearsal Dinner, Sent our STDs, just finished stuffing our invitations to go out next week, bought my dress and booked my alternations appointment, have all of my undergarments, picked out the tux, all bridesmaids have ordered, shower invites are out, bachelorette is booked, rings are purchased, honeymoon is booked.

    One interesting tidbit: I worked in D.C. this summer and on my last day got to attend President Obama's bill signing in the Oval Office, then my boyfriend (now fiancee) proposed in front of the U.S. Capitol the next day!

    Are you exchanging gifts with your fiancé the day of/before the wedding?: No, just cards.

    What am i stressing the most?: I am also in my last semester or graduate school (walking across the stage 6 days after our wedding) so completing my graduate thesis is a priority is #1, with an immediately #2 being job hunting. We are also planning on relocating so putting our condo on the market and shows are also keeping us busy! Oh yes, and trying to stay in shape and handling my mom (I'm an only child) are also keeping me on my toes!

  • Name: Lisa, Fairfield County, CT

    Date of Wedding: Saturday, August 30, 2014

    Where you are saying "I do" and having the reception: Penfield Beach in Fairfield
    Approx. how many people are attending: 40-50

    Where are you in the planning process: Just starting out.  We've got the date and the venue but need a caterer and a photographer. We have a DJ, bridesmaids dresses, colors, some decor and we know who our attendants will be. I know who's making my cake.

    Still need: caterer, flowers, invitations, videographer, photographer, hair and makeup for the wedding, attire for the boys... the list goes on!

    What's stressing you out: Everything!  There's still so much to do and if I don't settle on a caterer soon I'm in big trouble!!

    One interesting tidbit: My fiancé and I dated in High School and reconnected last year.  

    Are you exchanging gifts with your fiancé the day of/before the wedding?: Haven't even discussed this one yet!
  • Just a few months left for us summer brides!!   109 days for me!!!!   AHHH!!
  • 89 days for me - it's flying by!!

    Name: Teresa, Waterbury, CT area

    Date of Wedding:  Saturday, June 14, 2014

    Where you are saying "I do"  Hartford City Hall

    Where you're having the reception: Gershon Fox Ballroom

    Approx. how many people are attending: 225

    Where are you in the planning process: Putting invitations together and mailing them out soon. Bridesmaids dresses should be here any day and I have my first fitting this Sunday 3/23 which I'm hoping is not too early. 

    One interesting tidbit: My late grandmother used to love shopping at the old G Fox in Hartford and both my parents have fond memories of the store. I feel like my grandmother will definitely be with me on my wedding day and celebrating with us in her favorite place.

    Are you exchanging gifts with your fiancé the day of/before the wedding?: Undecided

    What am i stressing the most?: The last minute things that I can't do ahead of time, along with the little things I assumed my venue would be taking care of but I have to provide myself. And having all the bills due at once is a huge stress, not looking forward to that month before the wedding time frame!

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