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Slovakian Traditions?

My fiance is from Slovakia, and most of his extended family is still there- mom only speaks a little english.... I want to incorporate some of their slovak traditions into the wedding, but definitely dont want to go overboard.
He wanted me to get dressed in the traditional slovak outfit for the money dance etc. and I dont want to do that, esp. because Ill be changing my dress already for the reception.
Any ideas??

Re: Slovakian Traditions?

  • Well, please skip the money dance entirely for a start. It doesn't matter if it's traditional, it's still so rude to ask people for money. But you definitely should ask him what other things are traditional for his family. Get him to ask his mom if he doesn't know.
  • I am Slovak, except my family has been in the US for generations.     If you are afraid your American guests would be offended by a money dance(some people won't be offended but many will be), try to incorporate Slovak music to be played at the reception.   My grandparents' generation used to bust out the polka music at weddings and other celebrations.    I had a friend do some sort of toast involving salt and bread at her wedding(I asked my dad about this and he wasn't sure about it).  I would also recommend incorporating a prayer or other sort of reading in Slovak during your ceremony.   You can also talk to your reception caterer about serving some food.   Even if they can't make the food, ask if you could bring in a plate of cookies for each table or something similar.
  • My mom's side of the family is Slovakian and all of my cousin's have had "dollar dances." I grew up thinking that was the norm (but will NOT be doing it at mine). Anyway, a few things I remember at recent weddings included foods (pierogies, kolache, kiffles, halupki, haluski) and at least one polka.
  • One of our readings is definitely going to be in slovak. We are also going to do our toast with Sliovitsa (more than likely spelt that wrong) but its a slovakian alcohol.. and kind of have a little joke with his family about it so its cute. Well play a few slovakian songs my fiance picks... and he also wants to break a glass and clean it up together. Thats about all we have come up with to incorporate so far.
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