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Tiny Wedding on a Boat?

I'm coming up with zero places. Everything thing I've seen has catering, which I don't want/need. I just need a place for less than 15 guests.

Re: Tiny Wedding on a Boat?

  • You do need catering of some kind.  Where do you plan to get your food?  What's the question?
  • Have you looked into the MS Mt Washington ship that cruises Lake Winnipesaukee? You catch the ship at Weirs Beach in Laconia. I know they have several different options and the cruise is a dinner cruise but it is pretty affordable. You can have any number of private areas on the ship or mingle with all the other guests. The captain can marry you. It's a super fun, light hearted and relaxed way to get married. The coordinator there is a super nice girl. Good luck!
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