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Anyone going through the K1 fiancé(e) visa process?

My FI is American, I’m foreign. He’s definitely worth it, but it’s so much work and hassle! We live overseas, in a country without postal service, and the documents can only be sent by physical mail!? In this day and age!? I know third world countries that are more technologically advanced.

I saw part of TLC’s 90-day fiancée (or whatever it’s called) yesterday, and it frustrates me a little that I have to go through the same process as people who have seen each other in person only once or twice, with brides-to-be who barely speak English and who’ll have a major culture shock.

One the other hand it’s encouraging, if they can get the visa, I’m definitely able to get one!

I can definitely do with some support and success stories from other brides! Thanks in advance.  

Re: Anyone going through the K1 fiancé(e) visa process?

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    My ex is an English citizen and we briefly looked into the process, but neither of us felt ready for marriage at the time. So I cannot say that I have any personal experience with it, but even just looking into it it did seem like quite a hurdle!
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