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Double Wedding

My twin sister and i are planning a double for September 2014. We never dreamed of this, just happened! anyone have advice, tips, or things to avoid? 

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  • @FosterTwin

    Do you mean that you're both planning September 2014 weddings? Or that you're both getting married the same day?

    If it's the 2nd one I would say that you should avoid that. Each should have their own day
  • Thanks for the input! We are getting married the same day. It will be literally one ceremony but we will both have our own bridesmaid, groomsmen, etc.. We have discussed the whole "do we want to share the attention for this once-in-a-lifetime day" and since being the center of attention un-nerves both of us, this is something we want to do. Our guest list would be virtually the same and we are best friends and so far we have agreed on everything, usually having the same ideas before we knew what the other was thinking :-)
  • I think it's awesome to have twins get married on the same day! What a great idea!
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    That is one of the strangest things I have ever heard. Part of me thinks "who the hell would want to do that?!" and the other part of me thinks "aaaw I wish I had a twin". Seems like a no brainer on the bank account lol

    Please tell me you're doing separate honemoons though- that seems way too awkward to go together- that time should be all about bonding with the husbands.



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    That's kind of awesome!

    I have a twin sister and we always said we'd do the same thing. Sadly, she'll be married 6 years at my wedding.

    I have to ask though: are you sure you're ok with it? As selfish as it sounds, I'm excited about parties like my bachelorette and shower because it will be the first time I've ever had a party that's just about me. I love my sister to pieces and we share many of the same friends but I don't know if I could do it.

    How do the grooms feel about it?

    As for advice, I'd be very careful to include the grooms as much as possible and listen closely to what they say (or don't say). When we're planning activities for the 4 of us, my sister and I have a tendency to plan what we think is perfect without taking both guys into consideration. I've learned the hard way that it's far too easy to railroad the guys by out numbering them without even noticing. You will need to be very careful to make both grooms feel like this is their event too.

    You and your sister are very similar (we are too!) but we're with 2 very different guys so it's a regular struggle to create the perfect situation for everyone.
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  • No way we are honemoon-ing in the same place! That would be way too weird!! LOL
    Both of the grooms (and their families) are all cool with it. We have been very careful to ask for both of the grooms opinions and ideas as this is their wedding too. 
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