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Is anyone planning or has anyone done a table at a club that is reasonable on the night of their wedding? We will probably have 20 people and though we are spending a ton of money at the Cosmopolitan, they can't offer us anything (discounts, free entrance, etc) at their club Marquee, and the prices are ridiculous. We have people flying in who want to experience a Vegas club on a Saturday night. Any ideas? Cheaper yet still fun clubs?

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  • We are doing a similar thing. We will have a group of about 20 and will be getting table service after the bachelor/bachelorette party on a Saturday night. I knew that the Top Tier Clubs were out of the question because their bottle minimums would've required us to buy about 7 bottles at $600 a pop before gratuity! NO THANKS!

    So we started looking at Tier 2 places and Ultra Lounges and got some quotes from the Palms $1700 minimum, Body English $2000 minimum and Gold Lounge at the Aria $1000 minimum with a free bottle. At the moment we are leaning towards Gold at Aria not just because its the cheapest minimum but cos of the location and the type of group we have. Most of our group will just sit at our table and drink and chat and maybe dance to a couple of songs.

    If we had a group that was really into raving we would probably go with the offer from the Palms which included front of line entry to all of their clubs on the night. Body English would've been good too cos they go afterhours and we could've partied ALL NIGHT! It really depends on your budget and the type of group you have.

    We haven't reserved anything yet - so Im also keen to see what others have organised. I know Pinky has scored a Thursday night at Pure for about $2000 for her group of 20 which is AWESOME!

    All-in-all we just wanted to give our guests a bit of VIP treatment with front of line entry and bottle service which is something that stupid liquor laws here in Australia don't allow cos of our very tight liquor licensing. So its an extra added novelty/bonus for our group.

    PM me if you would like the email addresses of my contacts for the offers above.

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  • Thank you! Very helpful! We aren't getting married until October so we have time, but I was really surprised that the Cosmo offered nothing! I also don't know what clubs are "cool" and which aren't, adding to uncertainty.
  • Did you look at Haze in Aria?  This is what I was told:

      Bottles typically begin at $475 in addition to 20% automatic gratuity and 8.1% tax and the bottle minimum for each reservation will vary depending on party size. For up to three guests, there is a one bottle minimum, excluding Saturday night. On Saturday, for any table reservation regardless of size, there is a two bottle minimum. This reservation can thus accommodate up to 6 people.
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  • I'm not doing bottle service because of the high prices but we will be going to Hakkasan, mainly because our group of about 20 are all party people and love to party in Vegas! Girls are free, guys are 50.
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  • We have actually switched our bottle service to Tryst, we are looking at an 1100 min + tax and gratuity and 300$ for the guys setting it up. So right around 1800 for the night. Tryst has fab bottle deals, 400 for 2 bottles of grey goose or 300 (maybe 350 can't remember) for 1 grey goose and one champagne. The guy I have been working with is fab! Can't wait!
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  • I love the waterfall backdrop at tryst! Tryst IMO is a lot better then Pure too!
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  • I never even thought about doing this, I may look into it and see what I come with. Although I would be terrified to do this Friday night as we are getting married at noon on sat, FI is a huge grump when hung we might do this Thursday night or Saturday night
  • I would second Tryst or any of the Wynn/Encore clubs. Very classy and from what I have heard reasonable.

    Hakkasan is supposed to be really nice too, just depends on the vibe you are going for.

    Do you have any hook-ups with promoters? They might be able to swing some kind of deal. Unfortunately, having men in the party usually kills any deal they could do lol 
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  • Wow sounds like Tryst is a much better deal on bottles than they are on single drinks; I may have to go give it a second shot next time we're out there.  The one time I went I ordered a vodka redbull double (double because I was in line for ten minutes) and the bill was about $22 before tip LOL; I said F this place.  The bartender was like, well you did order Ketel One.  Umm, yeah, a bottle of Ketel is $30 retail and I paid to get in here, so I should fell sorry you're only marking it up 900%?

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  • If you're open to it, go Thursday instead of Friday or Saturday night. Clubs are a little less crowded and it should be easier to get a table. Drinks a la carte will still be around $15-$20, even on off days. Also, think about the Artisan. It's a boutque hotel off the Strip but has a swanky club and should be more reasonable.

    @vegasgroom You were also hit with a $3-$5 upcharge for the Red Bull.

  • Thanks everyone! Will look into Hakassan and Tryst. I was also thinking of doing a table to not have to wait in line
  • We are using a club promoter to get a deal. We are going on a less busy week and in the middle of the week so that helps us with prices. If you don't have a specific club I would shop around. Some popular resource are and and you can email te club promoters and and see who will offer you a good deal on the clubs you like. Beig more flexible on your club choice will help you save money. Saturdays are going to cost more in general and all the clubs are packed.
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