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Honeymoon help!!

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Hello everyone!!
I am new to this site and am recently engaged (kinda) 12/15.  My FI and I are planning on going to St Lucia for our honeymoon. I have never been and wondering if anyone out there has? or has reviews on places to stay, or what to do!!! We are not getting married till Feb 21st 2015 so I have time. I just want start planning because the earlier I plan the cheaper it will be!!!   Thanks!!!!

Re: Honeymoon help!!

  • It would help to know your budget, since things in St. Lucia can go from moderately priced to very, very luxury! What do you want to spend per night?
  • Jade Mountain!
  • There are a number of amazing resorts on St. Lucia, so I agree it would be helpful to know your target price point.  I think knowing what you want to do while you're there is also helpful -- are you into fine dining, do you want to be on the beach or have a private pool, etc.  Check out the Honeymoon board and search for St. Lucia... there are countless threads about it.
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