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Hi all!

I am a MOH trying to find something unique for my bride. She requested that her shower be simple and for that (and a variety of other reasons) we are holding a non-traditional shower. That is – no games or quizzes. But we still want to keep our guests engaged. Currently we are set with brunch and…. insert clever idea here? Most of our more fun/unique ideas (for example, a tarot card reading) were cut as the mother of the groom is somewhat conservative. We are focusing on a spa party – manis are something that everyone can enjoy. So my questions are:

For those in the Chicago north suburban area: Any recommendations for a mobile spa or in home manicure service? I am having real difficulty finding anyone not situated in the city.  We are on the border of Cook and Lake Counties.

And in general: does anyone have any other ideas or inspirations? We kind of drained the well and I thought I would reach out for help. 

Thanks for reading!

Re: Non-traditional bridal shower and spa party question – Northern Illinois Suburbs

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    Um... as a bride who likewise would want a simple shower (but prefer nothing at all!), do you really need anything but brunch?  Most showers I go to have food, maybe one nice game but that's it. We just socialize and open presents and everyone's happy.  Plus, are you planning to treat all the guests to manicures? I would imagine the cost would add up quickly.  Or, are you planning to just say there will be a manicurist there if people want to sign up and it costs x amount?  If you're not able to cover the cost for all guests you'll get into a hosting issue, as people shouldn't have to bring money to a hosted party.  Also, people who really like manicures may have a preferred salon and technician anyway.  

    I'm not trying to pooh-pooh your idea at all, just raising some points. Showers don't have to be overdone. A wonderful spread of food really should be just the ticket (and mimosas and bloody marys...).  

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