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Groom Losing Weight - Tux Fitting Issue?

Our wedding is at the end of June, and FI is planning on wearing basically dress pants with a tie and a jacket. Since he doesn't own these items and is currently on a medically-supervised weight loss plan, he doesn't really want to buy them in the size he is/will be at the wedding. We have scheduled his tux rental/fitting appointment for the latest possible recommended date (per the shop we're renting at) which is in two weeks. The problem is, by the time of the wedding, he will most likely weigh 30-40 pounds less than he does now. Even if we push the fitting date back, he is losing so rapidly there will be a significant size issue. 

How much of a difference will this make in how the pants and jacket fit him? How much can they adjust the fit when he picks it up? Should we get him measured, subtract a size or two and hope for the best? Is there someplace we could purchase items closer to the date for about the cost of the rental? I have suggested his just wearing dress pants and a button-down with a tie so that we can purchase just those items but he doesn't want to do that.

I'm just kind of at a loss as how to proceed with his clothes...has anyone been in a similar situation and if so, how did you handle it?

Re: Groom Losing Weight - Tux Fitting Issue?

  • Look into resale/consignment shops some have formal wear and if you catch them at the right time you could even catch a 1/2 off sale. FI found his tux at a resale shop during a half off event. The tux was originally $80 and with the sale he got it for $40. Then he lucked out and found $20 in the pocket. He's all set and just needs to pick out a tie and a vest (if he chooses to do a vest)
  • Thank you for the advice! And I love that your FI found a tux for so little with an extra "bonus" in the pocket!

    Unfortunately FI doesn't usually fit off the rack clothes, which adds a degree of difficulty.

    I do think I solved the problem, though. I had an idea right after posting my question. When I originally contacted the tux shop I said we were renting for a wedding. I called back and just asked about needing to do a rental for a formal event, and was told they only needed two weeks lead time, not the 10 weeks that was required for a wedding. So I'm scheduling a new appointment closer to our date without mentioning the wedding bit, and cancelling the first appointment.

    I don't like when adding the term "wedding" to a product or service automatically increases the price/lead time...

  • That's true...i understand a little about the lead time though, they want to make sure that there's enough time to get the correct size in and often there are groomsmen to also order for but since it'll just be your FI it probably won't be as much of an issue. Good luck !
  • It will help if your FI chooses a regular standard black tuxedo.  They are easier for the shop to find quickly.  Black is also more flattering for larger men.  I wish your FI success in his weight loss program.
  • It's just FI and his BM, so we don't have to worry about matching across a huge group, and the plan is for a very basic dress pants/jacket look. We're not being overly picky, a suit would be fine but neither of them owns one. So overall, it shouldn't be too much trouble to get something appropriate.

    @CMGragain - Thank you! He is doing well so far, I'm just hoping he can keep it up!
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    Did you rent from a national chain for the tux? I'm just curious because we went with Men's Wearhouse. FI didn't want to get measured when we were there so the sales guy just put in a guesstimate and told FI as long as he comes in at least two weeks before the wedding they could get the size in. He also said if it didn't fit right after that then as long as he comes the Monday before the wedding, if anything doesn't fit right they could rush order another size and get it before the wedding. You may want to ask them about that.
  • I used to work in the Men's Suit Dept at a local department store, and my first question would have to be what size dress shirt does your FI wear? The store I worked at sold suits/tuxes up to size 54 jacket which equals out to about a 3x or 19 inch neck, and pants up to size 52 waist. It is going to be difficult to determine what size he will eventually be, especially if he is also exercising, as this will also need to be taken into account. Gentlemen who had larger arms I had trouble fitting because the sleeves were narrow in many of the designers that we sold. Also, gentlmen who had larger midsections were limited to makers who offered portly sizes which offers more room around the body of the suit jacket and a little stretch in the waist of the pants. If he is broader up top, I would suggest finding an athletic fit which will have a looser fit in the chest/shoulder area and seemed to work well for those with larger arms. On the other hand, the athletic fit does taper in a little at the body of the jacket. You definitely don't want to order too small because if you purchase, there is only about 1 1/2 inches in the pants to be let out, and the jackets are extremely difficult to let out, it is always easier to take it in a little than have to let it out.

    My FI is currently a 54 jacket and has a tough time finding off the rack suits as well. He played football all through HS and even when he works out and drops some weight, he hovers around a size 52 because of his build. If you can get a consultant or salesperson who is knowledgeable they should be able to assist in finding what fits now and offer some insight into what may fit closer to the actual wedding date. Hope this was helpful :)

  • We are planning on going to Men's Wearhouse. After calling them about the shortest notice needed for a rental, we've pushed back the fitting to two weeks before our wedding. At that point there shouldn't be too much size difference between measuring and wearing.

    I have no idea what size dress shirt FI wears as he doesn't own one. I'm hoping that the salesperson can help with what will work best on his shape as I know nothing about men's clothes, so thanks for the advice. Ultimately it will be his decision on what he feels most comfortable in.
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