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Catering/food for literary themed wedding

I'm stuck. I'm trying to think of food options that work for my literary based theme. Much of the decor will be book related or photography related (vintage cameras and stacks of his/hers favorite books). Everything will likely be surrounded by photographs, flowers, and the ol' burlap and lace combo. The venue itself is right on the ocean. What foods do you think of in this type of environment? What would be a glaring contrast? Any help would be appreciated!!!

Re: Catering/food for literary themed wedding

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    Honestly, I'd worry less about it matching your theme and more about what you and your FI like.

    FWIW, I'd have a seafood option since your on the beach

  • i second what chibiyui said, worry more about what kind of food you and your fi like instead of matching food to decor.
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