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NWR: Favorite everyday office hairstyles?

I have long, thick & wavy hair and am looking for some inspiration.  I get bored of basic ponytails and straightening takes forever.  I occasionally use a curl enhancer but my hair is heavy & temperamental so it doesn't always cooperate.  

I'm trying to get a clerical job with our state and am looking for something I can do that is office appropriate but overly casual looks won't hurt my feelings either.

Recently I started wearing a fishtail off to the side frequently but I'm worried about getting burnt out on it.

What are your favorite everyday hairstyles?
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Re: NWR: Favorite everyday office hairstyles?

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    Yea I hate taking the time to straighten and hardly ever do it. I'm big on headbands with a low bun or a high sock bun (you tube it) 



  • I'm very curly - my hair was always a jerk to me, but only because I was always abusing it.

    Best fix ever - NO shampoo. Conditioner only. My hair hasn't seen shampoo in 4 years and it smells better than ever, the curls aren't an exploded mess and it's actually shiny without gunk in my hair.

    As long as my front sections were pulled back, no one cared about the rest.

    Now is slightly different. I get all manners of sticky dirt in my hair, plus my boss was so needy for over a year, so I now braid it, then pin the braid up. On good days that is. I've spent days in my sleep braid if my boss had a very bad day.

    But, my boss now is one of my most loved people ever. I will put her over anyone else in my life. So the hair changes are worth it.

    PS - my boss is my 4 yo daughter. Biologically, she's my niece. She had a very nasty concussion with symptoms for 16 months and still gets what are likely migraines from that. My BSC estranged sister found nothing wrong with her worthless baby daddy throwing a tiny baby around - literally throwing. I'll be in jail for the rest of my life for homicide if BSC tries anything or if I ever see him again. My boss is worth it.
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