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Dress Fittings and Weight

When are the August brides doing fittings? My first fitting is end of April and I feel like that is a little soon to have my final measurements taken. I have one or two fittings after that. Do I have to maintain my April weight until the wedding? I'm not looking to lose much just tone up a little more which probably won't affect my size bit slightly affect my measurements and how it fits. My spring is so busy I'm afraid I won't get in great shape until I'm off work for the summer.

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    It was suggested that you should do it 2 months before the wedding but that's what they told me. I went by their word and scheduled for the first week of June.
  • I'm not even buying my dress until the end of March.  I've lost 30 lbs since January and my end goal is 40-50 more... and according to my spreadsheet I am on track and should have my final fitting at the beginning of July... my wedding is actually Aug 30 so that fits the 2 month rule, but they told me I could do as late as 3 weeks prior final adjustments... 
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  • Hmm mine is Aug 1 and fitting is 4/24 so that is a little over 3 months. Maybe it's because I bought an off the rack dress? It's size 10 and I think I should be a 6 bridal. I wonder if my first fitting is to just give her an idea what general size to cut it and then when I come back in late June she might work on getting the fit just right? What are second and third fittings for, anyways? Like I said I'm not looking to lose major pounds or change my size really, but I'm worried that if my April measurements are it, I won't get the chance to really get better shape. Either that or I will get in better shape and my dress will not fit as nicely as it should... I should look into this. Thanks!
  • I was told do come in for a fitting early May and our wedding is August 2nd.
  • Oh wow, my dress won't even be in until July. I will do my fitting right away. Wedding is on 8/8.
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  • Our wedding is Aug 2nd and my first dress fitting is early May- I too bought off the rack a size up so it may depend on that, but I thought general consensus was first fitting further out so they can figure out any big changes (bring the hem up 2 inches, etc) and the next couple are just for tweaking...

    I do have of detail on my dress too so that I'm sure has something to do with it.
  • What are you girls doing for your fitness routine? Or diet?

    I found and love it, but am always looking for new ideas. You can read about my bridal fitness journey on my blog, I'd love your comments!
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  • I didn't have much to lose since I'm 5'6", but I started at 144.4lb and am now 127.2lb... 17.2 pounds down since New Years! I've just watched my calories (right about 1200-1300 a day) and tons of water.
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  • our wedding date is aug 16, having my dress made. my first measurements were on feb 17th, first fitting march 9th, next fitting april 12th. then she wants me to come back 1x per month in may, june and july, to make sure i'm not shrinking. LOL .... if i happen to tone up, she'll have time to make adjustments in the last few weeks.
    starting in february seemed too early at first.... now it's FLYYYYing by so fast. OMG :)

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  • I was told 6-8 weeks out.  Our wedding is August 10 so I am going to do mid June. My dress fit almost perfectly off the rack and will just need hemmed and a bustle.
  • Thanks everyone! Sounds like if the dress needs more alterations, or made from scratch, the fittings might start earlier. Since mine is off the rack and about 2 sizes too big, maybe the first one I have in April is just to get the sizing started and then I can still get adjustments made at my second fitting, in June. I just hope that doesn't mean it costs more to get things adjusted twice!
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