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So I signed up for a monthly pass for both online and in person meetings. I have gained over 50+ pounds in a year, especially during this winter (~30 pounds). Not happy with myself at all, even after doing gym courses and work outs.

Any advice for WW and how to make it really work? I'll be going to the meetings, doing weigh ins, and using the app for watching the food intake, but any other pointers? I tried MyFitnessPal, but it just didn't work out for me. I think I need accountability. 
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  • I joined WW 2 years ago and lost 15lbs over the course of several months and then quit. Thankfully I only gained back about 5lbs and I've rejoined recently. It's the most realistic way to lose weight and keep it off IMO. The weigh-ins at the in-person meetings hold you accountable. You just have to do the work of keeping track and being honest with your points. You can do it!
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    I'm hoping that this makes me feel accountable and responsible. I think getting help from other ladies will also be motivation since my motivation is completely gone.
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  • I did weight watchers (successfully) years ago to lose ~10 lbs.  It always worked.  Buy a food scale-it makes measuring quantities at home so much easier.  You can also buy a small portable scale for your purse for when you go out to eat, etc.  The weight watchers recipes are also really delicious and make the points counting super easy.
  • I joined WW in October. Since then ive lost 20 pounds on over 10% of my body weight. You will have to see what works for you, but heres some of the changes ive made:

    All of my snacks I try to make 0 points.I love using the individual steamers to take with my lunches.  My normal work day include: 2 clementines for breakfast, and apple for my morning snack, Turkey and spinach on a sandwich thin with carrots or an individual steamer for lunch, a veggie snack in the afteroon, and a lean meat (chicken, pork loin or turkey) with a veggie for dinner with milk.

    I stopped drinking pop and dont drink coffee daily (i have have creamer or other unhealthy things added). I drink a lot more water.

    I try to make most of our sides for dinner a vegetable, such as steamed broccoli, green beans, or a steamer bag.

    I also try to pay close attention to portion control. I havent bought a food scale yet, but am looking into it.

    I am really good all week with tracking and eating really healthy. I stick to my daily points (or less)  Monday through friday. Saturdays (after weigh ins) and Sundays are my cheat days. I can splurge and eat what ive been craving.

    I've found some really god WW recipes on pinterest. Just search WW or weight watchers.

    I just changed my eating habits. I havent been working out at all. I dont expect my way of doing WW to work for everyone. But it has helped me hit my goal weight and even lose a little bit more.

    I've lost on average less than a pound a week.

    Just remember, It will take time and patience.



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