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Price meets Personality HELP!!

Hello everyone!  My Fiance and I are looking for the perfect wedding ceremony and reception venue in South East Florida (specifically in the Delray Beach area, that meets our budget BUT also allows us to keep our personalities.  We have looked at tons of beautiful places and we love each and every one of them, but we really want a simple, non stuffy, fun day.  One of our favorite places only allows weddings during hurricane season and there is no indoor option!!!!???!!!  Everything else is either WAY too expensive or too "country clubish" for our personalities.  We're not being cheap. Just practical.  Does anyone have any ideas that are not listed here on the knot that SHOULD be listed here?  We just truly want our guests (and ourselves) to remember this day as one of the most fun weddings they've been to.  (rather than looking at their watches wondering when its "ok" for them to dip out....... )  

Re: Price meets Personality HELP!!

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